A flock of shadows seeking lights - QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?

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A flock of shadows seeking lights

To speak of the negative always containing positive aspects is to recognize the duality that masks the unity, leaving open the possibility of choosing an optic to live and the acceptance that what is being been what is convenient for supreme plans that, most of the times, we do not understand.
In life, there is no such thing as chance, everything fits together and not by chance, precisely. What we believe to be random, is what should be, simply, according to the choices and decisions we make daily.
Even though there is a multitude of events that are beyond our control, there is always a superior control taking actions that generate consequences.
There is so much going on in the theater of life that most of us don't know, that it is a very short intuitive exercise for the levels of reality.
That a virus contaminates the world and kills a large part of the population seems more like a fictional conspiracy story than reality, but who knows if reality is not only surpassing fiction but fulfilling the ends proposed in the cold imagination of the powerful perpetrators behind the scenes.
Thus, the devastation and change of all orders on the planet, generated by Covid19 have unleashed a troop of shadows looking to grasp at any light. And, it is these lights that @ecotrain requests for the present QOTW, presented like this:

QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?

So this week I invite you all to share a list of 5 things that have either happened to you, or you have seen in the world resulting from this corona epidemic.

From this idea, many things become clearer, leaving behind the shadows that persist in imposing themselves by the force of a reality that seems cruel, especially for people who have been touched closely by the antennas of the virus whose crown has carved the world and tightened in the sensitivity, in the control, and in the solution.

So far, only social distance seems to contain the Covid infestation19, but it is perceived that there is more than that, because the lottery of the infected has crossed the high trenches and has penetrated the weakest, the chronically ill and the elderly. Apparently, it has a selective criterion to attack to death. Perhaps that is why it was created?

The fact is that the planet has received benefits from quarantine and social distancing. It is evident in the aspect of the beaches, rivers, mountains, and all-natural spaces, which man uses or enjoys, that the levels of contamination have decreased.

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Confinement has caused man's impact on the environment to decrease and nature to regain its own order and flow of energy. The Earth is breathing and this is very positive.

Another issue established during this anomalous but rich time has been the return of Family members to the home, something that was lost during the speed developed to keep the ball of life rolling.

The time of confinement has tightened the bonds, whether we like it or not, has been productive for the recognition of the core, the appreciation of the family channel, and the bounce back to new, more tolerant, loving, and conscious goals that family is the foundation of happiness and the platform for expanding our loving and compassionate light into other spheres.

Widespread awareness has also been an asset to this pandemic. There is more sensitivity, not only caring for yourself but also caring for others and this leads to the application of other values that make us grow as people: hearts that beat on the pulse of other hearts.

And at this point, the dedication and selflessness of medical and health care workers during this adverse and sensitive event should be highlighted and recognized.

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It could be said that this time of pandemic has been a time of reunion with ourselves and others, from other quarters, from other approaches, from other connections, recognizing with humility our vulnerability.

In this sense, I feel that this has moved me because I have reinvented myself. My life has changed. My interests are different... better, or worse? I don't know yet, but what I do feel is that I am detoxifying myself from the experiential entanglement that sometimes traps us by creating an uncomfortable atmosphere that we don't deserve.

Today I can say that thanks to the pandemic I am calmer and happier, I am more me, less tied down, freer, without having broken any chains, simply distanced from almost everything and almost everyone. Living the times with much peace.

I, who have always appreciated life outside the net, the disconnection from the worldly noise, am now like a snail that captures the sound of the sea.

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I wake up and the first thing does is to observe the tide from the balcony, the bright blue of the sea's curls or the ashy tranquility when it looks like a mirror, the way the waves roar at the full moon and how the sea calms down in the waning horn.

Then, as in the face of complexity, life seeks the simple, this time of pandemic with all its changes and misfortunes has exacerbated in us the value of living on survival. If the virus or its creators thought that they were going to break us, they lost their bet because we are renewing ourselves, changing our skin to come out clearer on objectives and strengthened because inside us lights shine when it's darkest.

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In response to @ecoTrain QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?



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