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Intimacy is a linguistic term that, in some ways, reflects much of the burden of feelings and emotions that it encompasses. There is so much in "intimacy" that it is difficult to describe in the right words, but it seems to me that its name tries to give us an idea of love, closeness, communion, protection, trust, familiarity, and magic contained in a colorful wand.
This QOTW is beautiful in itself because it delves into one's inner self and allows the expression of what flutters in our head about this which, being internal, is externalized in a way that respects everyone and everything around us. And I say respectful because I feel that it starts from respect for oneself, from the acceptance of our energetic being that seeks to know and enjoy openness, vulnerability, and honesty.

In intimacy, we are ONE with ourselves and everything else. In the space created by it, we expose ourselves without masks or armor. When there is intimacy there is trust, so we open the doors of our being and allow access to all corners of our life and, at the same time, we close ourselves to the outside in order to completely undress our heart.

The radius of action of intimacy creates an environment of personal privacy that we protect like a treasure because the freedom generated by having confidence in the people who earn our love, admiration, and respect is invaluable.

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Intimacy occurs within the interaction of many relationships and in other species. However, cohabitation as a couple is the greatest intimacy we develop as human beings and includes different facets, namely: emotional, sexual, intellectual, spiritual, family. It is in the couple where we open the range of exchanges with another more fluid and colorful being and expose all our potential for unification and bonding.

Being in our familiar and intimate space generates not only security and other feelings of well-being, but it also creates the breeding ground to enjoy that which we call happiness and fulfillment, if we are at ease and in peace, "we are" more us.

But what happens to a couple's levels of intimacy when the threat of contagion from a virus as volatile and dangerous as covid19 is present?

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I think the intimacy remains intact. The trust experienced and lived as a form of daily exchange creates an impenetrable atmosphere that makes the intimacy fluctuate freely as if there were no threat. However, if one of the members is infected, the same intimacy creates mechanisms of protection, safeguard, and priority attention among them.

Intimacy is magical and energetic. It creates an area where our divine being finds grace for the possibility of expressing itself in all possible forms known and unknown because in the intimacy we are like magicians with powerful wands of love, acceptance, trust, faith, hope, protection, and forgiveness.

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In response to @ecotrainQuestion Of The Week: What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?




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