Ways to get over the guilty feeling after ending a relationship with a friend!

It sounds crazy if we talk about ending a relationship with a friend or friends. But sometimes we have to do that, no?



Life changes, it changes so fast and changes our perspective, personality, way of life; everything. It's totally okay if our opinion and every other thing don't match with others. There would come many times when you will find that your mind is no longer matching. It can happen with your partner, with your friend, and anyone else.

It's true that there is no other hard thing in our life than ending a relationship. It breaks our heart, it makes a scar. Our heart doesn't let it go. You may end your relationship with your friend but you can't let go of all the memories. And the guilty feeling! It's way harder to not feel guilty for it. So, what to do?

  • Accept and move on.

Acceptance is the first thing. Understand that life works like this, not always the way we want. Sometimes we have to let go, we have to move on. It's okay and it's normal. Believe me, you will be fine.

  • Remind yourself why you took the decision.

The guilty feeling will rush after you. But remind yourself, what made you take the hard decision. If you were not wise, you can change your mind and catch up with them. But if not, if you feel like ending that relationship was necessary then move on. Don't blame yourself.

  • Make it clear.

Don't carry the burden. Make it clear to you and your friends why you have done this. It will reduce the pain. Especially be clear to you about why you took the decision, it will also help you to make healthy choices about friends.

We all know, it's hard. But it's always better to get rid of toxic friends. I hope this gonna help!

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