@ecoTrain QOTW - Season 6 : Work stress- How to keep it from taking over our life?


Did you know someone who brings work at home? Or maybe not work but the stress?

It's very common to find out people to carry their work stress all the time. They continuously check and reply to emails, even on the weekends; they worry for the next week; they compromise with their personal life. Not only that you will get to see how people become flexible to compromise with their physical and mental wellbeing for work. It should be wired but unfortunately, it became quite normal.

So what to do? How we can keep our life away from work stress? Let's see what can help us to keep a healthy balance!

We have to figure out how stress is working in our lives, how it's affecting, what are the negative impacts? Long term stress can make a severe impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Once you get to know you need to release work stress that's when you should focus on finding the stressors.



The best way to deal with work stress is to cope with better time management skills. Prioritize your personal life the same as your work life. You can include mindfulness, self-care, positive thinking to release stress. But the most important thing is to understand we need to keep work out from our personal space.

I know in this busy world it's not very easy to keep work from personal life. But we can at least try to make a balance and keep the stress out of it. Do your work but don't get stressed about it!

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