EcoTrain Question Of The Week #21: My Spiritual Experiences


First of all, I would like to thank the @Ecotrain administration. Who has taken up this excellent challenge. Because this subject changes a person's life. This is the subject that causes the rise of humanity. When a person embarks on a journey of spirituality, his words, deeds, ideas and thoughts move towards love and prosperity for humanity in every aspect.
Spirituality purifies man's heart and motivates deeds for the survival of truth so that man may reach the height of his destiny.

The concept of spirituality is present in every religion. Spirituality is what helps an individual understand religion and the purpose of life. We go through many stages of life and at each stage we have to decide according to our ideas and ideas.
One of these stages is spirituality.
Some people understand. That people associated with spirituality are very religious. But if we separate spirituality and religion, then we will move away from the concept of spirituality.

The journey of spirituality begins with search and then this search continues till death.
But what to look for and how to look for it.
When a human being is born, his mother and father around him become his protectors and nurture him. And when a human being reaches the age of youth and then old age, he goes into the arms of death. The search for all of them is actually spirituality.

How spirituality leads to search. Spirituality is the pursuit of truth and spirituality is the pursuit of purity, love, compassion and success within man.
If we look at our childhood, we were afraid of many things in our childhood. As children, we were sometimes afraid of darkness, sometimes of loneliness, and when we all reached the destination of consciousness with fear, we no longer had the fear of darkness and loneliness.
That is spirituality.
Why were we afraid of the dark? Why were we afraid of loneliness? And now we are not afraid of all of them. Understanding the reality of all of them is actually the journey of spirituality

There is a concept of spirituality in all the religions of the world and I am a Muslim. The concept of spirituality is a very important concept in Islam. Spirituality strengthens man's relationship with God, the Lord of Glory. And the remembrance of Allah creates spirituality in the heart of a Muslim.
My life has been spent in a good party since childhood. When I was nine years old. So I used to go to spiritual gatherings with my uncles and other friends in the neighbourhood.
Spiritual gatherings were held every Thursday evening in our city.
Allah was mentions aloud in these gatherings. And with their eyes closed, they humbly and humbly asked Allah for forgiveness of their sins.

Spiritual gatherings create empathy and purity within a person. And make man aware of the purpose of life.
We can ask ourselves many questions. Why did we come to this world? What is the purpose of our life? And what is the concept of life and death? What is the matter and reward for the good deeds we do in life?
One person is oppressing people. And on the other hand, one person is sympathetic to the people. What is the matter with both of them?
Are the two equal?
To consider the existence of this priesthood and then the essence of the Creator and Master of Priests.
We are studying and this whole journey from birth to death and learning about it is all a spiritual journey.
These are all our experiences.
And every moment of our lives is connected to spirituality.

My life is full of many spiritual events. And I have met many spiritual figures.
I narrate a very beautiful event of my life which changed my life into reality.
I became interested in gambling at an early age. And this hobby grew so much that I used to gamble on the internet gambling website in the morning and evening.
And even this habit was hurting me.
And I got addicted to number gambling.
Number gambling is even more harmful and dangerous than online gambling.
I became very weak financially. I got stuck in the mire of debt. Many people told me to quit gambling. But the gambling habit was not going away.
And I saw no way out. What should i do
But I told you, I used to go to spiritual gatherings from my childhood.

But at the age of university, my path got a little far from these conferences. Due to which I got addicted to gambling at a young age.
But since I was a child I have met many spiritual figures.
So when I was heavily in debt and in financial trouble, I went to a spiritual person to tell him about my situation. And when I came to this old man, he said to me without listening to me.
I am telling you a scholarship. Start reading this scholarship. The solution to all your problems and difficulties is present in this scholarship.
And that was the benefit. Five beautiful names of Allah.
I started reading these five names day and night, morning and evening.

And the blessing of those names made me hate gambling.And I got better financially. And I paid off all my debts

Another incident in my life, I had a heart attack and during angiography the doctor did not understand what to do.
After much discussion, the doctors said. This patient is incurable. And the disease has increased and bypass is impossible due to the severity of the disease.
But I sincerely prayed to God and continued to recite the five names of God.
And keep praying to Allah for your health.
And then I went to see the doctor, then the doctor's team. Said
That my Bai is now possible.
But a week ago I was incurable.
And now curable, all this was a blessing of God's holy names.
And this is called the spiritual chain.
Now with the blessing of these names, my life is very good.

But spirituality is the name of compassion, sincerity and guidance. I hate gambling. It is the way of salvation for me.
Because gambling is forbidden in my religion. And there is no blessing in earning haraam. Those who earn haraam are the enemies of society.
Gambling instills in a person feelings of selfishness, greed, hypocrisy and hatred.
While earning halal teaches a person to work hard, to love and to treat others with kindness.
Earning halal is spirituality.
Because there is a difference between day and night.
An ignorant person is close to ignorance. And the educated man is close to spirituality.
Understanding life and preparing oneself for life after death, creating peace in society.
Inviting good deeds and thoughts at every moment are all spiritual experiences.
Short but i tried my best to write my thoughts and experience of my life with you all related spiritual experience of my life. i want to write more, but i would like to say this , real life is spiritual life, now my only wish is to support every person , my wish is that get success in next life that will come after death, and i believe that there is no one but Allah ,it is my spiritual experience .so there are many religion, every religion has concept of spirituality. life without concept of spiritual ,belief , religion is nothing ,

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