Be aware but do not live in fear - The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus

Just like all viruses, it causes a flu and what we all should know is a flu is not the same as catching a cold.
Yearly once or even twice the flu visits a country and it's never what "we" expected from it. Vaccinations given by governments seldom help against that particular flu and yearly we hear the same news (months later) it was the wrong vaccine.


I find viruses intriguing.
It's amazing how fast they change, travel and know how to survive.
Viruses not only cause the flu but tumors as well. They attack the immune system and no matter if it's a fast killer it can weaken whole nations and even influence the economy.
Not only humans make good food, so do animals and plants.

If the coronavirus differs from other (flu) viruses is not said.
We had the Spanish and Mexican flu and many others that not became world news.
Only 3-4 years ago a nasty virus ravaged the country. The hospitals were filled and they had no room for a friend who was, according to the hospital, not sick enough and according to the doctor only had the flu and could take paracetamol (it was cancer and it spread fast but the doctors had no time for him).

"Take paracetamol and stay home" is what dutch doctors tell you. They do not want you to bother them with such a stupid, easy to cure yourself, illness as the flu. Everyone has the flu during winters, what makes you think you are special?


Some facts

People, animals who live close to each other easily get some kind of infection. Schools are number one. As soon as you send your kid to school it catches more diseases within two weeks' time as in a whole year at home.

Public transport is good for getting sick too.
It's a dirty environment where people stick together, coughing, sneezing and do not care who they infect. Most of us are not clean, hygienic if it comes to us, our house and property. Washing hands is rate these days. The fact a door handle contains more bacteria a toilet seat says enough.

This virus is not different from other viruses that travel by air or not.
If I sneeze it goes 15 meters through the air. It's no longer a habit of people to cover their mouths if they sneeze, cough or yawn. We do not care and fill the air with enough bacteria or viruses to kill a whole nation.

The virus is a mystery.

We do not know for sure if it's airborne or not but do know it can pass people over a longer distance and you can get it by touching things so you don't need to kiss or touch a person to get infected.

The tests are a help but only one does not prove the "patient" is not infected. He/she can still turn out to have the disease even if the test denies it. This is not different from other tests.
Surgical masks do not offer full protection which means you can wear it but still get Corona and this disease is not typical for elderly people to get or die from.

What this virus exactly is, does, how fast it can change or be beaten is unsure. It will be investigated and I doubt we will ever hear the truth.

Will the Coronavirus infect me?

At this stage, I don't think so. I am antisocial and mainly stay at home and live in the cold. I only drive my children to the bus-stop and school and do not get out of the car. I avoid crowds and even shopping.

I never had the flu in my entire life.

My children could infect me if they get the virus.

We never pay anyone a visit and no one visits us.

I have no intention to visit a doctor or hospital. Both good for getting sick.


Are we prepared for the worse?

I always have food in stock. It is enough for 3-4 weeks about 1-2 meals a day and I will keep that amount in my cupboard. We use it during winters and bad weather or cases of in need.

I did advise my daughter to buy food. Her cupboards are always empty and she is single. If she gets sick no one will take care of her. If more people get sick it might be a problem to deliver to shops.
I am happy she did take my advice. She works at a shop, travels by train but the rest of the time she spends alone. People give her stress.

We do not buy much but no longer shop online.
My daughter needed a heater and decided not to order it. Not because it might be made in China or Italy or... but because of the one who delivers it at home. "I do not like to have Corona people at my front door", she said as I asked her why she didn't buy it and lives in the cold. If that's the real reason I don't know since she has an employer who does not pay her in time.

Did the Coronavirus change our lives?

So far nothing. Out life style remained the same.
None of us is a people's person. We hardly read the news and are not looking for more news either.
To us, it's flu and we know it's an epidemic and someday it will stop. That day can be in two months or two years' time.
Perhaps it's made in a lab, perhaps the area where I live will have a breakout too and probably it started way earlier as the authorities announced.

If I need to travel again (abroad) I will go by car, stay away from hotels and restaurants and try to visit gas stations where I can tank myself and pay with a debit card and drive on. One where I always tank has it all and not many people are around.
Before I leave I'll read the latest (traffic) news, which is not different from what I usually do. I take along my own food and drinks.

`I wonder if pets can get this flue and why it started in Italy but I guess it's not interesting enough to investigate or we are not allowed to know it._

I am always prepared to get ill.
This has nothing to do with the Coronavirus but with me and my autoimmune diseases.

This is my entry to the QOTW: Are you worried about Coronavirus, and what are you doing differently (if anything) since you heard about it?

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