The Spiritual Universe is Part of Everyone --- (My Spiritual Experiences)


There is an universe within us called spirituality, which can be externalized, when the measurements of being are harmonized with those of thinking, life can achieve its highest purpose, when it is experienced from within, from that invisible part, beautiful, which makes us more sensitive to the things and deeds of humanity, love.

The human being inherently carries with him the desire to advance, to progress, and to reach higher levels of the hierarchy of growth itself, one must grow spiritually in all areas of life, it is significant to want and desire to succeed in what we do, that is fine, improving the conditions of life is the desire of the one who seeks to live in spirituality.

The spirituality links you to other living beings

We are born with the gift of love, with the ability to give ourselves from love in everything we do, say and feel, love is associated with spirituality, the spirituality does not exist without love and love does not exist without spirituality, unfortunately, as we grow up, we separate ourselves from the truth with which we came into this world, we let fear and a series of inferior things take over our hearts, and blind our eyes to the true reality that magically links us to the beings of the planet, love, Every embrace given with love, every kiss, every word, uplifts your spirit , and if you proceed in that way you will be developing a pleasant life, and those around you will be filled with that energy, that spirituality which radiates and practices your being.

We are spiritual and noxious by nature

Are we only body and mind? We are also spiritual and noxious by nature, it's like a kind of inner struggle, a battle that must be balanced or broken to favor spirituality, it's something that grows inside of us, expands or represses according to our thoughts, according to the level of consciousness we have, according to the words that feed us, according to the images that we see, according to what we imagine being, according to what we feel and allow ourselves to feel, according to our behavior, there is the importance of making intimate contact with our spirituality, it transforms life in every event, for the good, instead, if you elevate the noxious part of your being, you will be full of darkness, of penumbra, of uncertainties, and to diminish the darkness that dwells in us we must practice "Renunciation", it is the way to approach and diminish the darkness that is in us, renunciation is a way to educate the mind, it teaches us to distance ourselves from all that anchors us to this world, from all that deteriorates us as spiritual being and at the same time it makes us understand the existence that is manifested every day before us.

Way to transcendence


We get lost in the search of comforts, of money, of the material, we get lost trying to fit in the environment that surrounds us, of being accepted by a mostly materialistic society, it is not that possessing things is bad, no, not at all, the bad thing is that we forget that we are in a journey for our own inner encounter, that encounter that will make this stay, more human, the self-knowledge, the self-knowledge requires the union between reason and spirit, where every blossoming will be seen with the eyes of the soul, spirituality ignites and keeps the soul attentive to the well-being of oneself and others.

When we get some means of spiritual growth and put it into practice, it energizes life, impregnating it with a sense of healing and peace. The silence, is a simple means within everyone's reach, devoting a few minutes to inner silence relaxes us and connects us to the spirit, the prayer, is a way to find ourselves as beings of light. The silence is also a silent prayer, a tribute to the value we have.

Can a person have much in the material and be spiritual? If this subject feels only surrounded by what he has, not tied to what he has, and feels that if he lost some of this he would still maintain peace and inner happiness, then his spirituality has the value it should and is at the top of his priorities, a beautiful example of spirituality is Jesus, and from what I have read Jesus was surrounded at some moments of his life by money, the extravagance of that time, debauchery, and he even took part in some dinners with rich subjects who were considered sinners, but he never fell into the temptation to value that more than his own essence, spirituality.

We have a spiritual wealth that we can enliven, practicing the noblest values of the heart: kindness, mercy, equity, tolerance, kindness, generosity, honesty, simplicity, etc., keeping us away from temptations, greed, the fact of obtaining, having and ... obtain and have.

Real facts that lead you to spirituality and spirituality as reality in every fact

On many occasions in my life I have felt that something invisible, a sublime energy, wants to envelop me and show me a side with which I have not made conscious contact, my spirituality, since I was a child I have believed that man is more than skin and mind, and that the purpose of life is not what I have, but what I give with my heart, how much I share with love with others and with myself, from a kind gesture, from a word, the consideration with others no matter who they are, to consider the other as valuable as me, for me, that is my most sensitive part and the one I want to be guided always, even in pain, even in failure and loss: love - spirituality.

An event that moved my universe

I had come to the end of a love relationship, frankly I did not want to know about anything, I felt lifeless, purposeless, breathless and fell into severe depression, I went to work and looking out the window of the bus my tears came out non-stop, the world stopped for me. With time I got an external force that made my spirituality vibrate again, my mother, with her love, understanding and compassion filled my life with tenderness and encouragement to look for my horizon, and I realized that I was the same as always, that young woman who liked to make others feel good, and was hurting a beautiful being, my mother, and that's when I started the practice of silence and prayer, I oriented myself in the love to get out of the hole, of the darkness in which I felt and I trusted until arriving at the light that has always been in me, I could not allow it to diminish, to pass to the bottom of the pyramid of my priorities, I am valuable like you and all. I thank God for having lived all that I have lived, because the pain has also allowed me to know me and to meet again with the most sublime thing of my being, the spirituality.

Before a spiritual fact without any doubt: Samuel

It had been three years since my oldest son was born, and my husband and I wanted to have a girl, but I was not getting pregnant again and that made me sad. One day I was visiting my mother's house and I had to go to the yard to get water, where there is a tank with a lot of water, and I got a container to draw water from the tank and while I was holding it, I heard myself say out loud, "You will have a boy and you will name him Samuel". When I finished listening to myself, I let go of the container and ran to my mother's room, and I told her excitedly that I was pregnant and told her everything that had happened.

When my husband arrived to look for me, I also told him what had happened, the next day we went to the doctor and we found out that I was going to have two children, and I wondered which is Samuel? or if both should be called that way, I am not really a person of going to churches or having a religion as a flag, I simply believe in God, I believe that the temple of prayer is within us, and I even believe that God accompanies you always and that is why he is part of you, God is love and spirituality is love.

During my pregnancy, every morning I felt the urge to read the bible, which I don't usually do, and I would open the bible to a random page, and always, and when I say always, it's not an exaggeration, opened the book where Samuel says, and I didn't even know that there was someone named Samuel in the bible, there came a moment when I said, ¡yes I understand! I understood, and that's when I went to look for information with some acquaintances as to which of the two babies should be called Samuel, these people told me that the first one to be born was Samuel, and that's how it was, I did it.

My son Samuel is currently nine years old, I have never told this to him or his siblings, I want him to grow up like everyone else, he is a child who is very awake to reality, I tell him my little psychologist, he always analyzes things, he always tries to influence my peace, in fact he is the only one who has talked to me about death in my face, with total spontaneity, on one occasion he said that he was going to build a temple in the future and he would paint it pink in my honor, but that i won't get to see it.

The stories told before are part of my life, they are real facts that I still try to canalize to guide my children to the right path, the spirituality.

Everyone understands, interprets and lives spirituality in a special way; I wanted to leave in writing only a small part of my way of seeing, feeling and interpreting spirituality.

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