QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?


In the midst of adversity we can find a new path, a path to the unexpected, that if we are fully confident that something good will come out of it, it will, even if at the moment we do not understand the possible gift of life, with time and only with time we can see positive things from that situation and the unexpected gift.

Every action triggers a series of consequences both positive and negative, because of the pandemic that we live have developed unfortunate consequences on global health, however, if you want we can see the glass half full, and for that reason I try to live in an optimistic way by valuing more the positive aspects and holding tightly to the thought that I can build a better environment around me, if I value the gift of life.

"Those who learn nothing from the unpleasant facts of life force the cosmic consciousness to reproduce them as many times as necessary in order to learn what the drama of the events teaches. What you deny submits you; what you accept transforms you." Carl Jung

Some positive aspects of the COVID19:

My children and I have more time to rest: Previously my children studied in two schools, in the morning in their primary classes and in the afternoon they studied in the music school, now they only have distance classes in the morning school and that has given us the opportunity to rest, before they were immersed in a strict routine because they left one school to enter another almost immediately, besides the fact that they were coming home tired to do all their school activities, this has made me reflect and meditate in relation to the stress that they were living from monday to friday, and by moving away from this routine I have felt that they look stronger and happier, as soon as the world situation is healed, I will have to take measures to balance the burden on their shoulders.

Spend more quality time with my family: I have always been by my children's side, thank God, they are my center, but sometimes even though we go together I feel that we do not share as I would like, because we spend time in an environment full of stress and impatience, now we have a lot of fun together: we invent games, we watch cartoons, we draw, they even "help" me to cook, it is really rewarding because it is not only to be, but to make every day full of calm, peace and true communication. My mother and father are both elderly adults, now I visit them more often, respecting the preventive rules of the COVID-19 of course, my father suffered the bone break fever and was a little weak, he is seen walking slowly very slowly, so I take the opportunity to share with them, with my sisters, brother, nieces and nephews as much as I can, thanking God that we are all together.

I Have taken up again the habit of reading: I have always liked to read, but for reasons that today I feel like excuses and only excuses i stopped reading often, now I just sit on my couch in front of my living room window to feel the natural breeze and start reading a good book, and it is fascinating to be able to read to my children some topics that will help them in their lives as well.

Learn a little more English: This time is propitious to learn something new: dancing, cooking, and even a language, I have always wanted to speak fluently English and Portuguese, I am dedicating myself to learn with my children the English language, I still have a lot to learn, but I feel very motivated and I have time to do it, and something very important is that it is an activity that I do as a family and it is very pleasant.

To value more the health: With this pandemic I have realized that the life is more fragile than it seems and the stability can be lost easily, now I try to take a more healthy feeding, to make exercises with my children within the home, I use much my own cultures of plants to prepare tea and to add to some stews, such as; The lemon balm, the citronela, the Colombian, among others. I thank God for life and the opportunities it represents.

The pollution of the environment was considerably reduced: By closing many companies, the pollution of the environment was stopped, and this is most noticeable, without a doubt, in China, where the sky always remained smoky and is now clear, this has been demonstrated by experts in the area; which benefits all of humanity.

Improving in the technological aspect: Much use has been made of technology, the Internet, smart phones, remote jobs were created: people working from home with the use of the Internet. Much progress has been made in this aspect, in technology, and the vast majority of the population for one reason or another has felt the need to improve their knowledge of the use of technology for their own benefit.

This time the ecotrain community offers us the opportunity to write about five positive consequences within the current situation of humanity.

Thank you dear friends for your support, any suggestion or comment will be received with great affection.

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