ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?


"What a wonderful life I have had! I just wish I could have realized it sooner"

COLETTE, French novelist of the 20th century.

Reincarnation is returning to the world under other circumstances, aspect and nature, according to the treatises of philosophy and metaphysics, the individual will return again and again to reincarnate until he has developed love for all without distinction and when he feels he has nothing to forgive, by the simple fact of recognizing in his heart that the individual reacts naturally on a lower plane.

However, the idea of going back from scratch over and over again is somewhat far-fetched, unless the individual's DNA is enhanced through the evolution of the individual himself, over time, and reaches such a level that he does not trip over the same stones.

This week @ecotrain gives us the opportunity to express ourselves on the intriguing subject of reincarnation. If you could choose, how would you incarnate in your next life? This is the question that unites us on this occasion.

Initially when I read the question I refused to think of another life than the one I am living now:

­čî╣ I am happy, although I lack many things.

­čî╣ I am optimistic, even though things usually don't turn out the way I want them to.

­čî╣ I am a mother, and never by any circumstance would I want to stop being a mother to my three beloved children.

­čî╣ I am family, and I feel totally grateful for the family I have even though we are the way we are.

­čî╣ I am a Christian, I admire Jesus too much: his teachings are a guide of light for me.

­čî╣ I am many things, but i prefer to hear it from others, who can always make me stronger and kinder.

I spent some nights thinking about the question (I have an idea of what I want), asking God to give me an answer, even if it was in a dream, and to be frank I had a "crazy" dream: I was standing there in front of the mirror, and I was looking with surprise at a series of images (tattoos) that went from my chest to my back, the images formed a wavy line around me, I remember some images: a pencil, a fish and a female face; I woke up, in the early morning, and immediately associated it with the requested answer. Before that I already had an inspiration to write and I feel that the dream corroborated it.

Usually when I don't find an answer that satisfies me, in my prayer I ask God to help me find the solution, yes, and there is so much generosity in the universe that I manage to understand the signs.


Finally, if reincarnation were possible, I would like to improve many aspects of my life, to take myself to the next level:

I would definitely become a woman again

Being a woman is a privilege, the sublime gift of giving life is wonderful and I would repeat it again and again in every version of myself, but I would like with all my heart to be much more spiritual, with time the human being has been "detaching" from the essence with which he is born, purity, joining more and more to the harmful things that inhabit the earth, ceasing to be freer to be tied more and more to the comforts of technology, forgetting about nature and the divine essence with which we were born.

In this life I have observed with much admiration the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, which in my opinion was and is a light on this planet, her spirituality transcended borders, below in her honor I place a brief information of this extraordinary woman, which is my reference point to follow:

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu ÔÇônombre completo de la Madre Teresa de CalcutaÔÇô es conocida por todos por haber dejado como legado su caridad y una gran labor humanitaria. Cat├│lica y defensora de los pobres e indefensos, esta mujer es, sin duda, uno de los mayores ejemplos de solidaridad de la historia.

La Madre Teresa de Calcuta naci├│ el 26 de agosto de 1910 en la ciudad de Uskub, actual Sopje, capital de la Rep├║blica de Macedonia. Desde una temprana edad, decidi├│ unirse a las misioneras de las Hermanas Loreto, donde recibi├│ el nombre de Teresa, en honor a la santa patrona de las misiones. Tras profesar sus votos en 1931, fue destinada a Calcuta, en India, donde comenz├│ a trabajar como profesora.

En 1950 fund├│ la congregaci├│n religiosa ÔÇśMisioneras de la CaridadÔÇÖ. Durante m├ís de cuarenta a├▒os, vel├│ por la gente hambrienta y sin hogar, lisiados, ciegos, leprosos y por los ni├▒os perdidos. Asimismo, dirigi├│ los distintos centros de su fundaci├│n repartidos por todo el mundo. Como reconocimiento a su labor humanitaria, la Madre Teresa obtuvo en 1979 el Premio Nobel de la Paz.

Teresa de Calcuta falleci├│ el 5 de septiembre de 1997, a la edad de 87 a├▒os. Tras su muerte, fue beatificada por el Papa Juan Pablo II.


Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu - the full name of Mother Teresa of Calcutta - is known to all for having left as a legacy her charity and great humanitarian work. Catholic and a defender of the poor and defenseless, this woman is, without a doubt, one of the greatest examples of solidarity in history.

The mother Teresa of Calcutta was born on August 26, 1910 in the city of Uskub, now Sopje, capital of the Republic of Macedonia. From an early age, she decided to join the missionaries of the Loreto Sisters, where she was named Teresa, in honor of the patron saint of the missions. After professing her vows in 1931, she was assigned to Calcutta, India, where she began to work as a teacher.

In 1950 she founded the religious congregation 'Missionaries of Charity'. For over forty years, she looked after the hungry and homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers and the lost children. She also directed the various centers of her foundation throughout the world. In recognition of her humanitarian work, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Teresa of Calcutta died on September 5, 1997, at the age of 87. After her death, she was beatified by Pope John Paul II.


"I'd rather be a little drop of love, in a sea of bitterness."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The mother Teresa of Calcutta was a truly kindhearted, generous, loving and pious woman; and her actions strengthen my idea that if it is possible to be love in every moment of life, and even in precarious circumstances and adverse situations, let love be the shield and guide.

I sincerely feel that I am asking too much, but if my conversion were like that of a mustard seed it would still be enough to move the world in the direction of the good that exists.

Without matter where in the world I will born again, I would like to continue speaking the same language, the language of Love, which transcends borders and is felt with the soul from the spirit.

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