@ecoTrain QOTW #23: "Blow the Whistle" initiative. Everything is pure facade


We all yearn for the best for our children, and since they are small we are already thinking about the future they will have to live, and in search of the path of good for them, we include them in growth experiences, it can be something of a sporting, linguistic, cultural or musical, among others, one arrives at this new stage with the best expectations, hoping that this experience will contribute to the strengthening of the values that the child has acquired at home, but reality sometimes surpasses fiction.

My hope

In an effort to improve my children's present, I enrolled them in a public music school. A large number of low-income children (including my own) attend this free space, and my heart began to expand from happiness feeling that many would benefit from that institution, learning an art is a way to approach spirituality and to get away from the evils of the street, from the vices, at least a large percentage of them can be rescued even before they take the wrong path, and I was happy to belong to the movement that "should promote human values".

The blindfold falls off

I acquired some fame among the representatives and the school, I stood out for actively collaborating in everything I could, so much so that I seemed to work there, I became friends with some workers of the institution, that's where I started to open my eyes to reality, I got so involved because of my desire to help not only my children, but to everyone equally, and I defended many times in the representatives meetings what I had to defend, and I claimed many failures in the system in terms of how to evaluate and promote the child to a new level, but honestly that is the least of it, in the sense of what I discovered later.

They formed a committee of representatives, where I was elected the leader of that team, however I was already used to getting involved in every situation for the welfare of the children of the school, and was known for my quest for justice and equality for all. As I became involved in the activities planned by the school, I observed with real pain the degree of corruption that was invisible in the eyes of the mothers who did not have those attributions, given my value for the representatives and my position as a leader I needed to be informed and given the necessary information about the events or social happenings of the school, in addition to having some friends who worked there and did not agree with many things that were happening there.


Injustices reign in that place

The children in that school must participate in the activities that the school plans, these activities in almost 97% are to support political events, using them only to pretend that they have a fantastic group of children and that they are contributing in the best way in the future of the children, however it is not like that:

🎸 The school has cracked floors,.

🎸 No air conditioning, no fans.

🎸 They do not have the necessary musical instruments to support the children in their classes.

🎸 There is a lack of teachers (I'm talking about before the pandemic).

🎸 And worst of all, the children end up sitting on the floor so that they can be taught.

I feel that they only use the children for their own benefit, however behind closed doors these children spend a lot of work in order to gain knowledge, they do not support them in anything, not even a blackboard marker when this school belongs to the government.

It's just a Facade

The point is that, every time they require the presence of the children they call them and they must attend, and in many occasions they say that they will start the cultural activities at one o'clock in the afternoon and it is seven o'clock at night and they only give them a bread as a snack, forgetting that they are only children, on the other hand, every time the political figure goes to the institution a photographer from x newspaper is in charge of taking the picture of the politician with the children in the entrance of the school, so that the picture looks nice, but it is only a facade, when in reality things do not work, and the worst, which motivated me to blow the whistle:

During the month of June of last year, twenty "Cuatro" (my country's own instrument) were admitted to the school, supposedly to be donated to the children with the greatest need. An end of school year party was held and the photographer of the X newspaper and the politician's wife were there,she said that all the children would receive a Cuatro as a gift, and the photos were taken "giving" a cuatro to a student at the school, but we all knew that was a lie, everything is a facade, the reporter is corrupt, the delivery of the musical instrument is a facade, the management is corrupt. Everything is corruption, lies, hypocrisy, personal interests, ... an institution that instead of sowing in the heart of these children the experiences full of values, they give a bad example in all senses.

The drop that spilled the glass

A few days later, it appeared in the X newspaper that the politician's wife gave more than 200 Cuatro to the children of that school, a lie, and worse, they never gave a Cuatro to any child, the management kept all that.

The Cuatro

What have we done as a representative?

The committee and I tried to improve the conditions of the institution, we wrote letters and we wanted certain people to read them, where we expressed our discomfort and sadness about how the school is, asking for their help, since it belongs to the government, but they have never given us answers. However, we do not insist because it could be much worse for us.

Why do we remain silent in front of the facade?

Because of the need, because of poverty, poor people like us can not choose between several schools, we can only take what is available, and frankly the options are very few, and despite the shortcomings of the school the children have fun, the teachers are good and they do their best work despite receiving a very insignificant salary so they do not last long working in the school, in that place has formed a family among the children and representatives, we are very supportive, we lend each other the instruments, although ideally everyone should have their own instrument.

Unfortunately, many people and government institutions take advantage of the poverty of people to handle reality at their whim and you only watch with the whistle hidden in a torn pants pocket, for fear that these politicians will later aggravate your existence if you insist on revealing the truth.

Post Data

We live in a supposed socialism, but the poor get poorer every day, where the government disguises reality at its whim and convenience, where denouncing would be a terrible idea because even the military and government entities could make you disappear and especially if you are a poor person like me, Besides many other irregularities and injustices that deserve a whistle blow, ... by the way, here I am writing with fear and praying to God that this will not harm me in any way, ... but I am fed up with so many injustices that reign in my country, that today I have armed myself with the courage to blow just a little bit of this whistle.

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