What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?


The human being is essentially social, the first hint of madness of a person is the loss of their ability to communicate with other people, the human being needs to always share with other human beings and this is made easier for us by our capacity for structured language that no other living being has, animals can communicate by expressing emotion, alerts, calls, etc., but they cannot transmit a story, an experience.

Our communications can be superficial, personal or intimate.

Intimacy has many nuances but we can say that the human being is communicative in its essence.

In a Mexican podcast without specifying very well where or who made this characterization, the public space such as the one that goes beyond three meters from our person, the social space is the one that extends from one and a half meters, the intimate space is the one that comes after 50 cm, that is, when is with a person at 50 cm or less one is in his intimate zone with another person, suddenly with our friends we are perhaps able to talk from the meter and a half since this is the limit of the personal plane where one shares, then We can classify by levels:

Personal Intimacy and the intimacy that encompasses the corporal.


Since the telephone was created, virtual intimacy arose, because through a phone call you can have intimacy with someone or you can be intimate and if only the adolescents say it when they visit the bride over the phone.

Intimacy has a dimension according to distance, but it also has a dimension with respect to what is shared or communicated, we can be intimate with a person without having sex.

I will dare to suggest a classification of privacy as follows:

1 According to the distance.

Authentic bodily intimacy, is one that is established through 50 cm, if No rain continue person who is simply your friend stands less than 50 cm, your immediate reaction is to go back and mark distance, we do not allow anyone to enter our bodily intimacy unless be it your children or your partner, it can also exist in the relationship of friends where you allow the approach of the greeting or a hug or with a kiss. With our partner, it is time to have caressing contact, it can encompass the plane of sex, which is the most intimate caress among human beings.

Forced bodily intimacy, is what one experiences in a subway car or a public transport unit, when it is full and full of so many people.

Social corporal intimacy, is what occurs in dance, even in my youth there was talk of "dancing mounted on a brick or a small block." This way of being intimate in the dance has certain rules to stop the abuse.

Virtual intimacy, that was born from the invention of the telephone and is enhanced by the creation of the internet and the appearance of social networks in general, when through them we express personal or intimate aspects.

2 According to what is shared

One of the most intimate relationships we have throughout our lives is the one we establish with our mother at birth, due to breastfeeding and all that that means for the psychological development of human beings, that intimate moment of Breastfeeding is one of the most sublime things that forms the most balanced beings or can sometimes cause an imbalance of the personality when one does not have the mother during childhood.

3 According to what is communicated

‌It varies according to each personality, where extroverts can count their personal things without limits, while introverts keep their personal and most intimate things, some people will have their secrets that they have not communicated or will not communicate with anyone, there are others who have their secrets that they communicate only with some people.


The covid-19 has made social privacy restricted, family privacy is maintained for those who live together, the greeting and social encounters that involve crowding of people disappear.

The pandemic with its consequent confinement and social distancing enhanced telecommunications, through which thoughts and even feelings are shared that generates satisfaction as if you were with the person physically, that magic is possible today thanks to the technology that can be transmit images and sounds in addition to spoken and written language, also making virtual intimacy possible.



I am @truelovemon, Mileidy. Lover of nature and everything that inhabits it. Passionate about photography, not only a click is enoughj, it is to see beyond your eyes, it is to fill you with the hidden beauty in the simple.

Soy @truelovemon, Mileidy. Amante de la naturaleza y de todo lo que la habita. Apasionado de la fotografía, no solo un clic es suficiente, es para ver más allá de tus ojos, es para llenarte de la belleza oculta en lo simple.


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