ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?


This is my entry for the challenge of the week # 22 organized by @ecotrain

For me, talking about reincarnation is like doing a mental exercise where I imagine what it might be like if I had the opportunity to start over, but start over from this mentality from this moment that I am.

I am particularly aware that what I am feeling at this moment, my emotions, my way of being, what I think, what I am, depends on everything that I have lived and on my body, if I had another body if I had another experience it would not be me, it would be another person.

The human being that I am is unrepeatable and unique. To believe in reincarnation is to take away from the human being the characteristic of his unity.

Reincarnation is a human aspiration, the human being lives, he likes the fact of living, he does not want it to end, that is the root of our reincarnation aspiration, we do not accept the idea that we are going to disappear, we will never be again, It is something that we cannot accept partly because of pride.

We do not ask to be born, we are born, we discover ourselves suddenly, being what we are in this process that has been advancing from childhood.

Existence was given to us in a biological process and that same biological process will take it away from us at some point.

The moral is to live the good life, that is, the best things, observe the sky, feel the breeze, smell nature, enjoy good company and kind gestures, if we focus exclusively on adverse situations, we will leave life more fast and we do not enjoy as we could, on the other hand if we learn to discover that there is always something good around us, the experience of living is transformed and enriched.

Because we do not have to wait for a future time or go to another place to experience the good, we can fully live in this present moment where we are, we only have to learn to discover it by observing in our day to day that there are things that are worthwhile.

What if while the last hour arrives we enjoy the fact of living to the fullest minute by minute.

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