ecoTrain Question Of The Week #21: My Spiritual Experiences : Mother's love is the greatest spiritual experience.

This is my entry for the challenge of the week # 21 organized by @ecotrain

Mother's love transcends the material, although no expense is spared when it comes to ensuring satisfaction for the children, the support that I offer them, the supportive company that throughout my life I am able to provide my children and grandchildren when their parents are missing. The most obvious thing about mother's love is that over time any value judgment about the behavior or personality of the children or grandchildren is avoided, since the mother's love supports them indistinctly, thus that spirituality begins to manifest , mother's love transcends the experiences that children can give, we are always present and the satisfaction felt with giving, that is where the spiritual experience is, it is discovered that it causes more satisfaction to give than to receive, to give affection, company, gives help presence and enjoys feeling useful to children and grandchildren.

The spirituality that mothers around the world experience when they manifest this unconditional and loving dedication is even one of the secrets of the triumph of our species. Behind a great man or a great woman in most cases it was always a mother who led his first steps.


Maternal love begins from the contact with the mother and the child from the womb to their birth, the mother's love transcends and becomes a beyond the body does not need physical contact to manifest it is there always, we can say what part of the material and reaches the spiritual.

On the other hand, spiritual love in general is the opposite, it arises from the mind of the emotion of the sensation and does not have an encounter in the corporeal, it maintains and lives without any physical manifestation and somehow elevates us above everything material and all the miseries.

Spiritual love can also be towards a cause, the charity of helping the most helpless people, when those works of charity are moved or motivated by true spiritual love and not when it is used to form a public image.


Meditation is a spiritual experience that can be defined as the spirit observing the body and everything that exists through the mind; letting them flow from the body itself with a series of techniques and providing an environment conducive to it, obtaining a great effect of relaxation and spiritual peace. By becoming aware of oneself and the environment without any disturbance just by observing and letting go.




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