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Its just too good to be true!

We’ve all heard that saying many times, because how could certain things happen than easily, I mean life is not that easy, we all need to work and strive towards greatness. You certainly can’t expect things to just fall in your lap. Or can you?

We are wired to believe that life is a struggle and that we need to work our asses off in order to get what we want. We are programmed that way and it all starts in school . Because we are easier to manipulate, if we depend on others to make things happen for us. There is no benefit for the powers that be, if we actually believe we have the power to make things happen just by asking for it, just by putting it out into the universe.

They would have little control over us if we all believed in the power of manifestation. From a young age we are taught to distrust this side of ourselves. Denying us of a huge part of our intelligence, the part that governs our intuition, our emotions and our imagination. Instead we are encouraged to develop our logical and rational side.

We need both sides to be whole, but so many of us are lacking this connection with our intuitive self.

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Mainstream education, revolves around the idea that we need to be taught by our peers. They can not have us believing that we can teach ourselves, because the main goal is to create dependency.
Something that so many of us carry throughout our lives, never understanding the power we hold within to create the lives we wish to live.

So this idea of something being too good to be true, sits very comfortable with them, because for them, life just doesn't work that way.

But we know different. We know that when you are being true to yourself, then life opens up lots of opportunities for you! Because we are meant to succeed in life, especially when we are being of service to the earth.

I have experienced many situations where the things that I need have come to me. There was a time in my life where I felt unworthy of these things and because of that I blocked any of them from happening.


But since I started living the life I am meant to live, I have been rewarded many times over. Don't get me wrong life is not always like this, but when I really need something it finds it's way to me.

One experience that really changed my life was how I ended up in the area I live in now. I was in Morocco, where I experienced a miscarriage and through it all I called out to my sisters to help me arrive at a community that could support me through this.

It did not happen right away, but quiet soon after I met a family who told me about this community where there was this centre/school for Birth keepers who wished to educate one another and learn the ways of traditional midwifery.

We had no plan to go to Spain, it was Portugal that we were headed to, but I felt called and to Spain we went, with very little money but with a lot of hope in my heart.But everything fell into place to get us there.

We arrived 2 days before the creator of the birthing centre was due to get married. I knew no one here, but they embraced me with open arms and before I knew it, I became actively involved in that community and found myself attending weekly circles with an amazing group of women who listened to and heard me.


I called out and my request for community, for acceptance and understanding was heard and now 5 years later I am still here.

Where I live, there is a community boat where people can leave things they no longer need and take home whatever is there that they do need. it is a wonderful exchange system. So many times I have needed something, like shoes for my girls, blankets, kitchen utensils and I just put it out there and low and below they always turn up at the boat.

Seems almost too good to be true, right?


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