Thriving In These Stressful Times - EcoTrain Question Of The Week


Who knows what the future holds, we can all make a guess as to what may happen, but really none of us know. I continue to be baffled by how much has been allowed to play out, by how so many of our freedom's have been taken away from us. I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently, he told me that he does not believe that we need to make a stand, because he doesn't see things as being all that bad!

So what exactly does need to happen so, for people to rise up and make a stand. This is a question I have been asking myself for quite some time now, because my alarm bells went off a long time ago. Very early on, I could see how so much didn't add up and I took it upon myself to do my own research.

Which by the way, is not that hard to come by, once you use decentralized and independent websites. I mean we all know who funds all media, so all of the information made public is very biased.

I could see where this was all headed, but I refused to think the worst and remained hopeful for quite a while, I still try and do that. But as I look at how far we have been taken on this illusion, well I also realized how realistic I needed to be.

I am all about solutions and I quickly realized that I needed to connect with others in order to prepare myself for what may or may not come.

Community, Being Proactive And Creating Change

Ultimately it is all about community and whether the shit hits the fan or not, I want a supportive community around me, so this is really something I have always strived for. I feel so lucky to have found my tribe and to be with a bunch of folk who are very proactive.

I have written quite a few posts already about all of the things that we have been focusing on and for sure, this has really helped me deal with the stress of our current reality. Having the support from individuals, people that I can reach out to and that I trust has been so valuable to me these last few weeks.

We have been focusing on creating independent infrastructure, as a means to facilitating our community and ensuring our ability to thrive. I am still participating on NVC training and Sociocracy Training as well, so that everyone within our community can communicate effectively with one another and that we can structure our meetings in such a way, that everyone feels valued and where we are super productive.

We really need to be focusing on new ways in which to organise ourselves, being all inclusive and transparent, the total opposite way in which many organisations currently function. For me, creating change is one of the best ways in which to deal with the stress that we are being put under.

There are also, more personal ways in which I have been dealing with the current stress in my life, things that i have always found super beneficial to me.

The Wild

The first one, is being in nature, having time by myself in the wilderness, where I can recharge and really connect with how I am feeling. I make sure to take the time to go for walks in the mountains on a regular basis, so that I can really clear my head and ground myself. It really helps me to put things into perspective as well. To realize that outside of this madness, is the beautiful earth that we live on, that provides us with all that we need.

It is normal to feel trapped in our current situation, I know that I do at times, so what better way to deal with that, than to get into the wild and allow yourself to roam freely, this has really helped me.

Dancing, Singing and Human Connection

We all need a release, something that really helps us to let go and move forward. Dancing has always been my meditation, my way of being fully present and allowing the stressors of the world to slip away. It really re energizes me and allows me to tap into my inner power. As well as dancing, Singing, really helps me release any pend up energy. I can feel the stress melt away, when I am singing and when I am dancing. Both of them really help me connect with my core strength and help me focus on sending positive vibes out into the world.

I have been so lucky to have such a strong tribe, with people who refuse to stop celebrating life, where we meet up and dance ad sing together on a regular basis. Supporting one another, by being playful and by being human!


My writing has always helped me deal with stressful situations in my life. Helping me process what is happening, so that I can then focus on what I need to do, whilst also allowing me to express how I feel. We need to be able to openly express ourselves, to let our emotions flow freely and writing does that for me. I have so often cried whilst sharing stories or writing my poetry.

Writing has also enabled me to share awareness, something that is very important for me. I wish only that information is available for all and that we all get to share our truth and connect with what really resonates.

Food And Natural Medicine

I could not finish, without mentioning the importance of food and medicine, natural medicine to be more precise. I know what foods my body needs and although I sometimes crave things that are not beneficial for me, I know that those cravings are an indication that something is out of balance. Having a balanced diet is so important and being able to recognize when my body needs some extra support is vital for my mental health.

This past year I have been using adaptogens to help support my well being, mainly in the form of mushrooms, Reishi and Turkeytail. Both in powder form which I add to my breakfast smoothie. I have also used Ashwagandha in the past as well. Adaptogens, help our bodies deal with stress by ensuring that we can adapt and overcome any burdens that we are exposed to.

Growing My Own Food

I love to be outside in my garden and it has always brought me so much joy to grow my own food. One of the most important things that we can do for ourselves right now, is to grow our own food, so that we can ensure food security for ourselves and our loved ones. But growing also goes much further than this, it connects us to the land to to ourselves. It ensures we are outdoors and are getting enough Vit D everyday and it really does life our mood.

If I feel stressed, having my bare feet in the soil and allowing my hands to touch the earth is so healing for me and is another way in which I can successfully release any stress.

For me, it is all about remembering what it is to be human, it is about doing the things that I love and being proactive in spreading awareness and creating change. On top of that is realizing that a healthy body ensures a healthy mind and vice versa, so understanding your body and listening to it, is vital to my well being.

This is my response to the latest EcoTrain Question of the Week, Stress Busting!




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