The holes in my bucket! - Ecotrain Question Of The Week!


The holes in our bucket! @ecotrain shared a wonderful story which highlighted how the very things that may be seen as a weakness in our lives, is indeed what feeds our growth and at times the growth of those around us.

But what are weaknesses anyway, because every situation we find ourselves in, every experience we have, is an opportunity to learn. It is how we see things, how we choose to react to each event that creates our stories. How we see ourselves, that help to shape us!

And it is the stories we tell ourselves, the words we use that really shape who we are. We can very easily turn things around, simply by how we choose to perceive them, how we Choose to see ourselves. . So that our so called weaknesses become our strengths. It is all down to perception.

When I was younger, I used to envy those people who were really sociable, who could just walk up to someone and introduce themselves. I was that shy girl, who spend time by herself and got uncomfortable if someone she didn't know approached her. What would I say, how could I even have something to say that would interest them.

All these things would run through my head, all my insecurities would come rushing to the surface and I imagine there were many times, where I came across as being socially awkward.

I have always liked to spend time alone and I always felt more comfortable out in nature, than with other people. Don't get me wrong I did have some friends, but there were not many that were close to me. I was definitely a more one on one, type of person.

Anytime I ended up with a group of people, I felt out of place, like I just didn't fit in with them. I would look at them all, conversing so easily and I was convinced that I was missing out. How easily they all just got along and comfortable they were in each others companion.

It was funny cos I craved the company, but when I had it, I didn't want it. Mostly I just couldn't relate to what they were talking about, or what they wanted to do. So it was easier to just not put myself in those situations, to just let myself find my own way and be true to who I was.

I was and still am a big thinker, I like to observe and take things in and I reflect a lot on what is happening around me and to me. Some people consider this to be a weakness, that being in your head too much is not a good thing.

But that really depends on what you are thinking about. Being a deep thinker, led me to always question things and to really listen to and trust myself. To always follow my inner knowing. As I got older I realized that not many people were doing that. That there was a disconnection, because we are being told from a young to listen to others, that our learning comes from what we are taught.

So many, begin to look for all the answers from without and not from within. No longer trusting their own instinct, no longer doing what they need to do, as an individual to maintain their well being. Instead, just following what they have been told.

I am also quite stubborn, learning from an young age to depend on oneself, does that to you. Knowing that most of the narrative we are sold is not true, makes it harder to accept what is being told to you.

Of course I no longer see these things as a weakness, or as holes. Because they are a huge part of my make up. I live the way I do, because of these qualities. The choices I made to live off grid, out of the system in a truck, were made because I had to do them, because if I didn't I wouldn't be true to who I am and because of that I have been able to give my girls the life they have.

My stubbornness, keeps me rejecting suggestions of hand outs from the government, keeps me who I am. Because I am here to make my own way and want no ties with any government. I will always find a way, I always have. Because I know that I am on the right path. My path!

I have created a Patreon account so if anyone wishes to support me, please do, I will be sharing poetry and words of empowerment.


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