Positive Consequences Of Covid19 - Is There Such A Thing? - EcoTrain Question Of The Week!


Covid19 has shook our whole world, our whole existence. What many see as a virus, I see as a smokescreen, a way in which those in power make there final push for power and control. The tables are turning and in it's wake we have seen so much disruption and deceit. At the beginning of all of this, I went through periods of disbelief, anger and even resentment. As I tried to come to terms with what this actually meant.

I knew that this was coming, that the world that we knew was going to change forever, but yet it still came as a shock. Because it just seemed to happen so quickly and I felt so helpless at times, what could I do, to help people see what was really happening, what could I do to guide myself and my family through this huge transition. As we watched the reality of our world, finally beginning to be exposed!


A Sense Of Relieve!

And then came a feeling of relieve, as I began to understand the consequences of our restrictions. That finally the earth could breathe, as we travelled less and less pollution, polluted the air. I remember going for walks and enjoying the true silence, as there were no aircraft of vehicles to be heard in the distance. None to disrupt my joy at being out in nature. Just me and the mountains and the vast sky! It was so peaceful!

I read of rivers being the cleanest in recorded history and pollution levels dropping around major cities. This alone was a gift for the natural world, what perfect irony that as our false reality fell away, the natural world thrived.

And with that sense or relieve that mother nature got to experience, so too did I, because finally we were getting to see the human world for what it really was. That so much corruption was becoming exposed, that so much darkness was now coming to light. This can be a very uncomfortable process, but it is a necessary process, if there is to be any healing. The light has to reach the darkest corners. Once these things are exposed it is up to us to heal them with love and awareness!


Awareness And Opportunity!

Deep down I knew what this meant, that it was finally time to let go of our world, a world which is governed by those who wish to control and dominate us and to see this as the opportunity that we were waiting for, the opportunity to create the world we want to live in. Everything happens in cycles and this cycle is at last coming to an end and now we the people, we need to be proactive in creating change. To take back full responsibility for our lives. And as I finally began to embrace this, I was gifted with such wonderful connections, both new and old that would deepen over time.



Back in March I got an invite to join a local Rising Collective on Telegram, A group dedicated to creating vital, sustainable and independent infrastructure, so that we can live in abundance and freedom. This got me so excited, as this was exactly the direction I wished to go in. I am an activist at heart and I wanted nothing more, than to be part of the change that needs to happen. To take my place amongst others and create! There were old friends involved, but also new ones and we have build such strong bonds over these last 8 months. These people are my tribe and we have supported and carried one another during these crazy few months, meeting weekly and planning and creating our future.


From the moment I attended our first meeting I was so hyped up. We are such a wonderfully diverse and multi-skilled bunch of folk and we were all bursting with ideas and constantly inspiring one another. We have created our own coin to trade with, so that we can continue to support one another and the community at large. We each have our own books, where we record each transaction we make, we all entered with the same amount of coins. We are also in the process of taking it online and eventually turning it into a cryptocurrency .

We have studied the constitution so that we are aware of our rights and are empowered to voice them if and when it is needed. We have created conditional acceptance forms for PCR tests and we have created pocket handbooks for Sovereigns navigating the law through these lawless times.

We have also created leaflets informing people of their rights and the truths about what is happening, something I will write more about another time.
We are currently gathering the materials needed to build Cloud Busters, so that we can keep our valley clear of chem-trails. We have created so much more as well and I have learnt so much.



During the summer, I became quite sick. A result of holding on, to too much pain and grief. Of pushing myself to my limits. But as this great pause came upon us and as we all began to come face to face with who we are, I found that my body was tired and my heart filled with too much pain, pain that I had yet to fully express and release. We are masters at pushing forward, as our duties to others take over. I realized that I really needed my full strength to face what was yet to come, so that I was prepared. And so I underwent so powerful healing, releasing blocked emotions and cleansing my chakra's. Re-energizing my whole being.

This is my response to the latest EcoTrain Question of the Week, which asked for 5 positive consequences. As I wrote this, I realized that I have more that 5 positive consequences of Covid19. Because life really is what you make of it. We can choose to live in fear and allow it to consume us, extinguishing our creative fire, whilst also lowering our immune system. Leaving us so much unhealthier than before. Or we can choose to live in love and be proactive and see this for the opportunity that it is.





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