My Priorities In Life! EcoTrain Question Of The Week!

Last year, just as the world as we knew it changed and we faced the most challenging of times, I began the most amazing journey with a group of people in my community, that quickly became my tribe. We came together, because we all felt the urgency to create sustainable and independent infrastructure, that ensure a flow of abundance for all, secure our freedom and secure the sovereignty of each member.


We have been busy supporting one another, promoting truth, natural health and creating community gardens and community events. Our aim was always to become completely independent of the current system, a system that has continued to fail us.

The last few weeks, I have been focusing on the needs of our community, highlighting what is vital, so that we can thrive! Ensuring that all of those needs can be met on every level, both individually and collectively.

So my priority in Life, is to continue to help my community to thrive, because in doing that both me and my girls thrive too. The following are some of the many ways in which we can do just that.


Community Governance

At the moment we are engaged in NVC Training, so that we can continue to create and thrive. Communication is vital as we move forward, we need to be honest with one another and been transparent with all of our intentions and visions. We have been having weekly meetings, where anything from 15 to 40 people have attended, it is only natural that conflict can happen and also that a lot of time can be lost on discussion, losing the opportunity to be more proactive. Time is so precious and we all wish to manage it wisely. So we will also be receiving some training in Sociocracy. We are also in the process of creating an association, with the help of a lawyer who is fully aware of all the deception in the world right now.


Land Stewardship

The vision is to attain some land, on which we can create an Eco Village. Whilst also ensuring all of the community and the land's needs are met. I am passionate about creating a mushroom farm and a food forest. These will be vital within the community, alongside the many other skills needed in order to flourish. Some of which include, composting, rainwater harvesting, foraging, seed saving, grey water recycling and regenerative projects.


Health And Spiritual Well Being

Right now, as we continue to go through this huge transition, this huge unveiling, we really need to be able to support one another as we transform, so that we can create change. The aim is to focus on holistic medicine, natural birth, complementary therapies (yoga, tai chi etc). We already have people within our community providing meditation, yoga and bodywork, all of which is donation based, so that it is available for everyone.


Economics and Finances

In order to step fully out of the system, we need to be able to trade and support ourselves. We have already created our own currency, our own trading and bartering systems. We have been holding markets and are working on improving connections with local growers, until we are able to grow enough food for ourselves. We have had lessons in crypto currency and we will be creating opportunities to develop many more skills in trading and fundraising.


Education And Culture

We have already created a homeschooling association, so that we can protect our children's right to choose how they wish to learn. This is really a priority for me, as a mum of 3 home educated children. On top of that, we will be working hard to ensure, that their will be relevant training available, so that we continue to grown and flourish and that our abundance keeps flowing. We have also been arranging music events, so that we can continue to come together and socialize and celebrate life.


Skills, Tools and Technology

Identifying what skills our community members have is really important, (and also what skills they are interested in learning)so that each person knows whom they can reach out to if they need any assistance in building, in computers or energy management for example. As we move forward, it is really important that we explore the many ways in which we can recycle and and up-cycle items. Waste is a huge problem everywhere and one that we can greatly reduce, if we are educate ourselves. We also are working on ensuring that the community at large have access to all the hand tools that they may need.


Security And Law

We have been lucky to have a lawyer with whom we have been working with and has also assured us all of our rights, which has been wonderful in empowering us all. On December 20th, we declared ourselves a Sovereign Nation, whilst becoming a part of the Universal Community Trust. We have developed a rapid response team, in case anyone needs assistance, ensuring that members can get to the person that is in need. We have also had a member of our community providing workshops on phone and computer security. One of our biggest priorities has been food security, wherein we have been arranging bulk buying and food preservation and storage.
(I have included some posts on food preservation in the past).

It would be impossible for me, to undertake all of this on my own, so having a community of people who are just as passionate and proactive as myself, has been amazing. We have met every week for almost a year now, exchanging visions and goals, arranging ways in which to promote freedom and truth. We have been united in our desire to create a better world and we have been proactive in doing so.

Of course, we have experienced some conflicts, but just at the right moment, an individual came into our lives, who is a teacher of NVC (a topic which I covered in a recent post). This alone, is enough to tell me that we are on the right path and that we are creating change!

This is my entry into the latest EcoTrain Question Of The Week, I chose to write about the priorities of my community, because having community is really the number one, priority in my own life right now. We can aim big and achieve so much, because we are all in this together, we are all committed, to securing sovereignty for all of the community members.





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