How To Be Prepared! - EcoTrain Question Of The Week!

2021, is definitely going to be a year full of uncertainties. A year where we will be tested and pushed to our limits. This is inevitable, as we transition into this new world!

But what will this new world, entail? Those who wish to hold onto their power,those who took positions of power, have their own plans about the world they wish to create,a world where they exert even more control over the masses. But we, we can take this opportunity to create our own.


2020 was a test run for that, an opportunity to step out of the system. As we faced lockdown, as the restrictions grew and grew, we got a glimpse of what awaits us, if we choose to comply and follow suit. It shown some of us, how reliant we are, how much we depend on this system in place. But there is another way and with all of this happening, we saw more and more people beginning to embrace that way. To grow their own food and to move out of the cities.

Growing Our Own

You do not need a lot of space to grow your own food, but of course in a small space you will be limited. However, you can also be creative with that space and do vertical gardening. There are solutions out there and as we spend more and more time at home, it gave us the opportunity to explore and discover those solutions. Now it is all about implementing them. It is easy to grow your essential greens and even easier to start sprouting, that way you ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs.


Wheat grass is a wonderful crop to grow and on that I have grow soil less, using trays and a spray bottle to water. In a few days you have a wonderful crop to cut and juice. Mushrooms are also something you can grow in your home, once you have the spores and the material to inoculate them on, coffee, paper, cardboard, this is definitely something more people need to be exploring.

It goes without saying that you need to utilize your outdoor space (if you have one), fully. Growing food, is in itself an act of rebellion and one that enables us to become more empowered. It is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves and our children.


Water is essential for all life, we need to be drinking water that is full of vitality. I do not drink tap water, but instead water from streams, however I need to travel in order to get to the source, so I have been thinking about getting a water filter. Something I am still researching, as I some filter remove everything from the water, including the important properties.


Collecting rain water is also really important, we have no idea what will happen this year, but we do know that we need an abundance of water. To cleanse ourselves, to water our plants and gardens. There are many different ways in which to set up rainwater collection systems, depending on how and where you live. Some are relatively simply, others a bit more complicated. But using a flat surface (or creating one and putting it at an angle, so that the water runs off into a container, is one way) is probably the easiest.

Self Care

If we are faced with a full lock down where you can not leave your home, then you need to have some projects in place. Things to do, that make you happy and make your soul sing. Music, art, cooking, photography. There are endless possibilities. There are also endless options out there for learning. How about researching survival or bush skills.


Knowing how to build a fire, to build a shelter, to forage for your own food. Use this time to educate and empower yourself. Seize it as an opportunity. I myself am not so compliant, but that is just me. I still go out, I go to the wild to recharge. But we carry the wild within, so don't forget that.

Do things that make you happy, be playful, have fun and make sure to get some sun on your skin.


We need community right now, creating community, strengthening community that is what needs to happen. We are all in this together, So lets support one another. I have been involved in a rising collective since last March. A community that has been all about creating solutions and supporting one another. This is o important, because once you are a part of a solid community, then everyone gets taken care of and no one gets left behind.

We have already created a wonderful community on here, something not everyone is fortunate enough to have. I have learned so much from so many awesome people on here. Keep these connections and continue to support one another.

Bartering,Exchange and Trading System

This is something we have created in our community, with each person having their own book to log what they have exchanged with another. We have created a token, with each person having the same amount at the beginning after paying an entry fee. That token is then used for goods and services. The book holds all transactions between you and others, detailing your balance after each one. It is created on the vision of abundance for everyone and we have an online directory highlighting what we each can offer or exchange.


This is the way forward, as we are likely to face many difficulties, if we do not adhere to certain measures. So once again it is important to create your own. To get to know all the producers of food in your area, so that you can deal directly with them and offer an exchange in place of money. Come together and create a system that creates abundance for all.

Creating Abundance

2021 is all about solutions, creating regenerative solutions, changing the patterns that have been in place for far too long now. Whatever happens,embrace it is an opportunity for learning, an opportunity to change! Remember that chaos is a natural part of life and that everything is transforming at the moment. So find your place of power and stand in it!

This is my response to the latest EcoTrain question of the week, What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location? I am sure I have forgotten some things, but that's the beauty of being on this platform, i can always share them at a later date!





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