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This posting is in response to an eco-post I found, and in such it asks, "What Action Do You Think Needs to be Taken to Combat Climate Change". You can find the posting here.

To begin answering this, I delve into my own nation's politics; and this has me interested into doing so in the future.

I find the advisory on net-zero emissions for Canada by 2050 interesting in the sense no steps are yet to have been taken in some now provincially-systemized areas of the nation, and while the conservative leadership in Ontario is pushing for lowered coal usage in some areas that are already badly affected with pollution, such as Sarnia, and Hamilton Ontario - large cities that have over a million citizens, working class, and others combined - in a major province such as Ontario.

Environmental Impact Affects the Working Class


The below video showcases life in some areas of Ontario. It is truly depressing. Money seems more important to the Canadian Government than an actual support system.

Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley (Full Length)

For those areas previously affected by major steel production - such as Hamilton, or Sault. Ste. Marie - poverty, crime, drug misuse and overdoses are common in these impoverished cities.


Overdose Crisis on the US-Canada Border: Steel Town Down

We can fix this and we can all help.

With a population around 15 million, and the carbon taxing on corporations already low comparitively to the country and other province', it is clear the intention for lowering of such not being directed by the -oh so- Honourable Doug Ford, transportation not being touched upon by the Honourable Caroline Mulroney, our energy and infrastructure leadership not introducing new plans, ideas or schedules for lowering of emissions - featuring the wonderful- Honourable Todd Smith and latter Honourable Kinga Surma, and even regarding our overall damage to the environment; enactments not being introduced, and statements not even procured by the Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks, the Honourable David Piccini - it is clear this province has gone downhill.

Intriguing even moreso, looking at the below map, the provinces in white are all at, or close, to their lowering emissions target. They are also federally backed by the Canadian Government and Justin Turdeau's leadership to follow these guidelines laid out in the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act developed from the internationall IPCC AR5 and its' emission targets for the world. But how can this happen, if a province that never has and seems to never want to care about the environment; one that is so large and vast but being expolited, yet southerly so dense and polluted there is no care, change at this point?

Simply put, I don't think they can.

And Ontario's emissions will be provincially controlled as of January.


What does this mean for 15 million Ontarions?


The liberal community and those provinces aiming to reach targets are laid out here in the national plan: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/environment/weather/climatechange/climate-plan/net-zero-emissions-2050.html

It means the provincial intention is bullshit, and lies are imminent

Canada, nor India, in this post's case composed by @cwow2 -cheers mate-, could never stop emissions, nor do they want or intend to fully, no matter what is said. Even if coal production were to slow, burning of trees for lumber in Canada would continue, and electric car and other modes of transportation, originally increased before the pandemic, have now drastically changed and will continue to with a rising population beginning to not care in this country. A simple carbon tax in Ontario, with such a large population, clearly is not being followed; the carbon budget has been exceeded and the provincal government has gained control of everything carbon-related as of 2022.

No longer the Government of Canada in this case.

We need to be the change we want to see in the world; we need to save our freedoms -

We need to fight for our right to live

I recently attended a Climate Change Review webinar, and it was stated that with last year (2020) being our warmest year on record, this year (2021) has proved to be the 6th warmest ever, from anthropogenic causes. Canada, being a small country population wise, is having a LARGE impact on the world's emissions - more than we know.

What is TRULY scary, and whilst I do not entirely agree with this, it was stated that in the IPCC AR5 Annual Report if we do not REACH these net zero emissions by 2050, sea level rise as a result of global warming climate change will be irreversible, and by 2300 most of planetary earth, close to 90%, will be uninhabitable and underwater.

The Green Party of Ontario has proposed a bill, the Carbon Budget Accountability Act, that would hold the province, and not just the corportations, responsible for the climate pollution caused and that of which, exceeded, but it is terribly depressing to see what years of mismanagement the Ontario government has done on the environment to not just the people around the province living in cities, towns, and villages with pollution, but those First Nations.

Mistreated native nationalities, all of whom had land claim first, are living directly on reserves now where the previous Conservative government haphazardly industrialized petrochemical facilities with dangerous sewage pools, water runoff for factories, and many other developments expelling cancer-causing chemicals around these already governmentally impoverished and mistreated people.


It is disgusting.


I would love to hear responses to this on what other people in different nations are seeing their country pursue in terms of lowering their environmental impact on emissions, but quite honestly,

We're running out of time

What actions need be taken you ask? We work together. We fight for our freedom of speech, liberty, and democracy. We fight for what we believe in.

And now, I know, I'm fighting for my province to change and eventually, Canada to change and pursue a greener future:

  • Free from fossil fuel burning, lumber chopping and burning, lowered to minimal car emissions utilizing electricity and other forms of natural power - such as sunlight, wind, water, etc., -
  • A decrease in anthropogenic use of fossil fuels from daily use of vehicles

What are you fighting for?

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Thank you all for the read; and I look forward to hearing any and all replies!
Stay safe, stay well, and stay environmentally friendly all!

- Trezzahn

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