ecoTrain Question Of The Week 5.3: Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them?

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Let's talk about trust!

Maybe you have the same experience as myself, when I was young I used to call people my friend easily, just because we got along fine. In my young teens I started to discover that real friends often can be counted on one hand, and the others are people you know or hang out with. That you get along doens't mean someone deserves to be tagged your true friend.

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With the discovery of this, I also realized that I should probably be a bit more selective in who to trust because where I found it normal to keep something between us when someone revealed personal info or even a secret, others clearly didn't all share the same values. You could say that over the years, I learned that it's better not to trust someone quickly, even if it feels as if you have a deep connection.

Soulmates vs manipulators

In my twenties there were two occassions where I felt that I found my soulmate, and this feeling was so strong and powerful that I would have done anything for those people. Too bad that this feeling came forward from being manipulated and therefore I fell hard when these relationships ended. Where I had put myself second to put the other person first, and would have given all I got for the other person, the other was only interested in seeing how far this loyalty of mine would reach. Mindgames, manipulation were a daily thing. Years later, I can see the situation from a distance and recognize the signs of them being dishonest and not trustworthy, but at the time, I was young and naive! The world was a big mystery to me, haha.


Although they were negative experiences in general, it's not all that bad, because these experiences have contributed to the fact that my trust was not easy to be won since then. Since the last relationship where I was betrayed deeply, my trust was harder to win for friends and acquaintances. All hope was not lost though! Because I have found my true soulmate, he was lucky and didn't have to earn my trust from scratch as we knew each other for a long time already.

I have learned how to read body language quite well

Even though I've picked up learning about this during a time in need to do so, I have to admit that it's quite enjoyable to recognize it straight away when someone isn't being honest. It doesn't even have to be in real life, it can also be on tv or a video online. I made it a sport to pick out the these people that aren't honest.

It's actually a fact that most of what people actually mean to say is seen when looking at their body language. Therefore, if you are good in reading people when they are talking, it's easier to know if they can be trusted or not. I found it very enlightening to see how often people are not telling the (full) truth and wonder how I could ever missed these simple body language signs while now these signs are so obvious to me.

The question of the week

The question of this week was actually name 5 people you listen to, and why do you trust them? So let's see if I can name 5 people because while writing I'm not 100% sure that I can haha.

Many would say one of the parents is their go to, I never had this relationship with my mother (unfortunately) and I was being quite independent at an early age. I have been listening to the wrong people for some years, but at least I learned a lot from it. So for that I'm grateful.

My go-to people

Let's start with the most important one at all times.. As he's my soulmate, I would always listen to my boyfriend, we understand each other although we obviously also have our differences and arguments, but if he were to give me a firm advice to do something or to NOT do something, I would not take them for granted. On top of that he's the one that I can trust 100% as I know he has my best interests at heart. We have been through so many things together, probably more than the average couple would in their full relationship. This has made us so strong as a couple that I'd never consider splitting up.


Then I have one online friend who I level with on every aspect of life so it seems. We just get each other, she's awake and so am I. She's also very wise and I've learned a lot from her the past years. We have yet to meet in real life, but I'm quite sure that day is coming closer and we will have a huge click in real life as well. Why I can trust her is actually because we met some years ago and she has walked a similar path in her past with relationships and other troubles, on top of that we share a lot of interests and she's funny too. We are sisters from another mother. <3 Sometimes you meet someone and you just know and feel this is a friend, and she is one of them!

The friend in real life was a breeze of fresh air! I mostly spoke to people online that share a similar mindset and in real life often conversations didn't go as smooth when certain topics would arise. This girl is different and she's exactly like me, we both see the world the same way and share the same opinions about many things. On top of that she's a cool and funny chick as well. I love it that she's honest even when knowing someone will probably not be fond of her opinion, she's not going to paint a pretty picture. I value people that are honest and she's one of them. Another example of this felt right from day one. We met in such a funny way, clicking from the first moment, and we made quite a few nice memories in our short friendship period. If I wouldn't know better, I'd think she's been in my life for 10 years, while it's only maybe two in total, but she probably understands me better than some people I've known for decades. That says a lot!

Some people in general that are not to be forgotten!

These were the most important people that I would listen to and take advice from, I know there are a few more people in our life that have made a huge impact and are 100% trustworthy, but they aren't the ones that I'd chose to call for advice in every situation, while these mentioned above are.

I also value a lot of people here on the Hive chain in the @ecotrain @naturalmedicine and @abundance.tribe community very much because I see there's a lot of wisdom on this chain, people that know what they're talking about. I can add to my picks, that I do trust them when they provide information about health, natural medicine and topics that include well-being, empowering etc.. I think I'm a good enough judge to see if someone knows what they're talking about. So in a way, I do trust them too, but that's different than people you actually go to for advice in general.

I just realised that I also have a feeling of trust whenever I listen to someone's guided meditation or similar things that have to do with overal well being and focusing on positive vibrations (think about LOA for example). It's those people that share their experiences with others, that often truly have others best interest at heart rather than spreading nonsense. The last thing I'd put my trust in would be mainstream media, because nothing seems to be what it looks like over there.


In the end, there are quite a few people that I trust in a way, even if this doesn't go to a deep level of knowing someone, which I didn't realize while writing the first part of this post. I did soms digging in my head and came to the conclusion that I'm actually surrounded with many more lovely trustworthy people thanks to this blockchain. <3

What about you? How many people have won your trust?

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!

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