@ecoTrain QOTW #23: Blow The Whistle Initiative, Exposure of our Medical Malpractice: Doctor or Butcher

I don't know either my whistle can change anything or not. I am blowing my whistle about a very big issue. It's a national problem of my country. We all are just hostage. Let's go through my experience..


I am still now a student. I got married last year. My husband wished to have a child as early as possible. I never ignored his decision. So I conceived. On that time coronavirus pendemic has started on china. Day by day it spreaded all over the world. Even my country Bangladesh had affected from the March.

On that time our medical sector became collapsed. It was a very tough situation for the doctors. And for all.

There were a lot of incidents where medical had refused to admit the patient and the patient died. Even there were some incidents of delivery cases where the medical refused the delivery patients to admit. The patient knocked on 6-7 hospitals and died without any treatment. It happened in my city.

So we decided to deliver our baby at my father's district that is situated at chakaria, Cox bazar. There were some influence of my father and brothers on some hospital, so I would get basic treatment.

You may know that the upcoming mother sometimes have to suffer some false pain at last few days before delivery. It resembles to the original pain, but not. That's why it is called false pain. I also experienced the same.

As it was my first conceive, I couldn't realise either it's the delivery pain or false one. So I was admitted on Zamzam Hospital, a renowned hospital in that city.

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We had the duty doctor- Dr. Nasima, who is very well-known and experienced also. When she observed me, she claimed that the situation of the baby was not normal. She pressurized us for urgently Cesare Operation. Otherwise the baby may be affected seriously. We became confused.

But we were in doubt that she was pressuring us unnecessarily. Because all previous reports were normal and there was no such criticality found before that.

My elder brother has some relationship with the directors of that hospital. So he communicated with the management about that issue. The management replied him personally and unofficially, not to take decision from the doctor Nasima's statement. They told him that she is very much greedy doctor and always unduely pressurize patients for operation.

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So my elder brother took help of the management. They arranged another observation from a very experienced and expert nurse. She observed me and suggested that the situation of the baby was normal.

She told us, if we could wait, it would be better and might be born normally. It didn't require any operation.

So I returned and waited. The decision was very tough to ignore a renowned doctor due to the consultancy of the nurse and we took the risk. And the almighty blessed me, after three daysbI admitted another hospital that was very average quality.

It was named Unic Hospital. I delivered a daughter. It was a normal natural delivery without any operation. Now me and the baby are well.

It is happening not only with me, but also a lot of people of my country. You may be surprised that about 70-80 delivery of our country are occured by operation.

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Whenever anyone go to the hospital, the doctor claim about different types of difficulties and ask for operation. If the patient don't agree for operation, than they emotionally blackmail the patient saying that- "if anything wrong happen with you, then you have to take the responsibility".

We are just hostage to the doctor's and hospitals.

Who am I


I am from Bangladesh. Still now I am a student. Besides studying, I like to do some creative works like needlework, blogging and as well as writing on blockchain Hive.

I like to do embroidery on Nakshi kantha (quilt) at my leisure period.

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