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I am blowing my whistle about a TV channel. Actually I don't know whether I should shout about a TV channel that had shut down about 7 years ago!

The channel was shut down due to another political reason, but most of the TV channel of my country still now continueing this bad practice, so I have decided to disclose my experience happened about 10 years ago while I was a graduation level student.

It was a student movement and I was infront of the movement, because I was an executive of the students.

No, I am not claiming that I was the main leader, but students selected me to deliver speech and to communicate with the journalists.

We had not any political parties in the campus as it is totally politics free and we all the graduation level students selected some students by erection an executive committee to conduct different discussion with the authorities about students welfare.

I was the first person of that committee achieving highest votes from the students. So that time the movement, I was on the leader role. It was a movement about the development of our campus.

There were a lot of problems in our campus as not having enough teachers, lack of classroom and many other problems. Actually on that the authority that means the government was not interested about enhancing the quality than increasing quantity of colleges.

So some engineering colleges were improved from diploma level to graduation level, but they were not accommodated as per an Engineering College demand.

So we wanted to knock on the authority but it didn't respond. They didn't care about us. So to draw their attention, we wanted to go to the movement just for the welfare of the college.

As a part of our movement, we decided to make a media conference and I was the authorised person communicate with the journalist.

I went to the press-club and discussed with authority of that press club about arranging a press conference. They wanted some money as cost to send news and photos. It was a great surprising matter for us that they will email the news and photo, then why it would cost such? But we had no other options, so we paid it and had a press conference.

Then we waited for the news, but any media didn't care about what we are saying. No media coverage we had.

Time was going so fast, so we decided to go more hardline and locked the campus. After that some media came, there was a TV news channel also. I don't want to mention its name, because it is now dead. The TV reporter asked me to give them 3 person from the students who will express their opinion about the movement. I selected 3 students who can speak well.

The journalist requested me to join them. I agreed. Then he proposed some topics for every persons to discuss. When he started camera, everybody talked as he suggested.

I want to point out some more option, that's why I discussed some issues that he was not suggested. He became very angry that why I have talked something different as he talked about.

I became surprised that they always publish reports and the news as the public opinion, but when I was bound to talk about as they instructed, then how it can be a public opinion?

It is actually imposed by the reporter. So it doesn't reflect the actual opinion about the mass people.

Still it is happening in our country. I don't know about the others beyond the border of my country, but in my country TV channel all reporters brief what to say before recording. They edit the videos and cut off the portions they don't like to publish.

I think it is a great bluffing with the news viewers as they think that the public opinion is happening spontaneously.


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