Prevention is better than cure.

Whenever we talk about mental health issues, we can categorise major stages of life of any urban people when they face different type of mental problems, as follows:

  • childhood
  • teenage
  • youth
  • merital life
  • old stage

Among them, in childhood people faces different type of mental health issues due to lack of proper nursing from their guardians end.

At the Teenage, as it is a turning point of life, they are being matured then the childhood stage, so they have many physical and mental changes in their life. This time they become very much emotional, that's why they may face different types of mental health issues.

And at the young ages, they faces a lot of mental stress like frustration, loneliness etc. due to their companions, financial conditions, professions, family condition and so on.

At the starting of marital life, people have to adjust with some other person as his or her spouse, so this time due to adjustment problem they may faces different type of difficulties.

At the late stage of life, they face loneliness, frustration about their life and negligence from others, and it creates a lot of mental pressure and impact on their mental health.


This is the broad categories, you may have some sub-categories also, but I have analysed this issue and I found most of the mental health related problems are connected with family life, specially related with parenting ie, childhood, teenage, youth stage mental problems may be cured at all by proper parenting cares.

Due to my profession as that teacher on graduation level engineering institution, I have faced different type of peoples, my students who are fighting with different mental difficulties. I have helped some of them and solve their problems by counselling and using other techniques.

But I felt the root of these problems is on their family and parenting care. If their parents should act proper way in proper time, then they would not have to face such type of difficulties and they had grown up properly.

That's why I intended to do something about it, with parenting. I am a blogger but I have no idea about video content creating. I was just learning. So I thought to do something in vlog about parenting.

That's why I initiated a series named by Parenting Series at my dTube channel: tariqul1988. Here I segregated the stages of life of a person and categorised my episodes in some parts as follows:

Part 1: Baby Care Aged Below 01 Year

Part 2: Baby Care Aged 01-05 Year

Part 3: Personality Building

Part 4: Schooling

Part 05: Colleging

Part 06: Graduation Level

Part 07: Post-graduation Level

I have discussed up to 64 episodes about parenting, all are not related with mental health, what about 80% of this discussion was related with this issue and here I discussed different important things on different episodes that may help anyone to overcome different mental problems as you may find in the episodes: 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16-19, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 34, 36-42, 45-47, 49, 54-57, 59, 63, 64.

I also have a YouTube channel: Tariq Bin Mutalib where I have shared these videos, so that it can reach maximum people and people be aware about parenting and mental health issues.

This is my efforts to add something on the blockchain about mental health care. I believe that if everybody try to increase awareness, then the problem will be reduced and all will be conscious.

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