How My Faith In Almighty Changed

Hello Friends!

I wanted to bring this topic forward today; it is controversial, you and I can have different views about it. But at the same time, it is worth the discussion because a lot of us keep our thoughts regarding their religious beliefs to themselves thinking it might offend someone or maybe to keep safe but thoughts in mind are worth nothing. So let's talk about it today with due respect to each and every oné's thoughts and beliefs.

While I was a kid, I was told that God is everywhere, all our actions are being governed and if we do anything wrong, God will see it and punish us. Because I was a kid with limited knowledge and exposure, I believed people who said so and also followed it.

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And then I was asked to go to temples and gurudwaras on different occasions to worship the almighty and there offer money to God. While I did all of it, I always observed beggers outside these places of worship; people in pain, small kids without clothes begging for money, crippled men and women asking for food. And it struck to me that is God not watching these people? If God can see wrongdoings of the people, can't he see these people in so much pain and help them with what they want. And then there are so many people doing wrong things, behaving badly, being inhuman towards other fellow humans, lying, cheating, destroying our environment and what not. But they were still doing good.

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That got me thinking if the existence of God is really true; if there's someone watching pour activities and taking necessary actions; if there there's someone working towards the pain of living beings.

It made me realise that there's nothing called as God. One is not a good person if he/she visits temples and worships the idols regularly or offers money at these places of worship.

If you really fear God, you have to be a good person, you have to respect others, you must not lie or cheat or commit any fraudulent activities, you must not harm our mother earth, you must help those in need, you must show respect to all other beings, you must be good to dogs and cats around, you must have a good heart without any ill feelings. If you do all of it, you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a person and then you might be, if at all God exists, making him happy.

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I don't belive in the existence of God; but i strongly believe there is some super power governing us all and we must fear it. Out of thie fear, we need to start worshiping, but we try to become a better person each day.

P.S. if you believe in God and it's existence, I truly respect your views and religious beliefs. This article is just a reflection of what I feel and is not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments in this community.

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