6 More Salvaged Curbside Recycling Items Resold For $970 Cash (48.5 Pounds)

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what the heck is wrong with some people.

Check out what I found outside in the curbside recycling and resold, all for cash.


PS Vita With Several Games:

  • Sold for $160 cash.
  • Found with a huge haul shown below at the very end of my route. Good thing I committed to the full walk!
  • I also found a lost cat at the location and took that home. I found a sign for the cat a week later and returned it to its own. I blogged about this last year. Feel free to scroll back in my blog.
  • I got lazy about listing this item for sale because I needed to buy a replacement power supply.
  • I almost kept this for fun, but tried to be disciplined to sell it for income. I didn’t want to start wasting time playing games when I need to support myself.
  • Recycled weight of 15 oz.

You know... proof as always!


All free. Crazy, right?


Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP With 2 Games:

  • Sold for $120 cash as a gift for a nephew.
  • Found with lots of Nintendo DS games, but I couldn’t find that system.
  • This was a rarer model with a screen brightness adjuster.
  • I wanted to keep it for a collectible, but cash for crypto had more appeal.
  • One game was inside it, and the other was previously found outside and combined.
  • I slacked on listing this because I needed to buy a replacement charger and sort of forgot I had it.
  • Recycled weight of 7.5 oz.

Proof of the first look inside the bag at night...


All of the DS games...


I sold some of the better games and still have the rest to sell in a bundle later.


Miele Vacuum:

  • Sold for $160 cash.
  • Finding these is literally like finding cash on the street.
  • This sold almost immediately.
  • Miele products are very popular on the local resale market. I’ve found endless amounts of these outside, and over half work with no issues. If they don’t work, I take the working parts to sell, or use to build complete vacuum sets when I find incomplete sets.
  • Recycled weight of 14 lbs.


Rare Pioneer 301 CD Changer:

  • Sold for $150 cash.
  • Found loose on the curb just as it was starting to rain.
  • I assumed that it wouldn’t load the discs since the belts can decay, but it all ran like a champ.
  • This is a rare model sporting the highest CD capacity at the time for this product line.
  • I was glad to get this out of my place as it took up a lot of annoying room.
  • Recycled weight of 22 lbs.


Large Artemide Tizio Lamp:

  • Sold for $180 cash.
  • I found 3 of these together in the same pile, as someone clearly moved or passed on.
  • Two lamps were complete, but the third was broken from being tossed outside.
  • When the person came to buy this, he mentioned needing a rare part for these that he couldn’t get anywhere. He was buying my lamp to replace his broken one.
  • Recycled weight of 7 lb 10 oz.


Smaller Artemide Tizio Lamp:

  • Sold for $180 cash with $20 upsell.
  • Tied to the same story and sale above, he bought this as a bundle because he loves the style. He only needed one, but chose to splurge on both.
  • After he bought both, I remembered the part he said he needed for his broken one at home and then realized that I had it from the third broken one I found on the curbs!! I ran outside with it and chased him to his car to offer it to him for $20. He happily took it. It was worth more, and was impossible to find as a standalone part, but he’d paid me plenty for the two lamps already, and this was a favor.
  • Recycled weight of 3 lbs 15 oz.

Proof for the win:



  • 6 sales / $970 revenue = $161.67 per find.
  • All revenue received as cash.
  • All sold in-person locally so no shipping.
  • Replacement power supplies bought for both gaming systems summing to about $8 in cost.
  • 48.5 pounds salvaged and reused!


I’m posting 5-6 examples here to spread out the recent results since I don’t have millions of examples. I’m also being more detailed for each as you can see, a fair trade versus my typical 10 examples with less info.

The amount of items here in no way shape or form correlates to the amount of effort I put into finding, restoring, fixing, selling and shipping them. My effort is intended to help the environment, others, and to support myself so I can keep doing this while patiently waiting for crypto to do its thing. It’s been almost 6 years since I worked for anyone else, or at all... These things are my rewards.

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Plenty more to share, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your interest,