Act of Immaturity or Deed of Happiness - Personal Priorities [@ecotrain QOTW]

Career, Family and Parents given an option to prioritizes among them, many people would get their life complicated. Pretty difficult to choose, considering each of them have its own importance.

Many a times life put you into a situation where making a choice would be very difficult, same happened to me 3 years ago. I was in a situation, where I had left to choose between a high paying career and my ailing parents. And in process my family would go in a tussle.

And finally, after a good thought and evaluating all possibility, I chosed my parents especially my Dad who got critical with high Blood Pressure, Sugar level and knee giving up with his ages.

(me trying a ballot while helping my Dad stand)

My Dad is 78 years of ages and a great fighter. Whenever life throws him a challenges he fought back hard. But with growing ages and a heavy body, his knee started to give up. Further after Knee operation, he unable to recover completelly. Allowing me to bystand with him.

I do my best to take care of Jim and process trying keep him happy. Some pep talk, some childish act and some jokes in peicess. Everything for his smile and to keep him happy.


My friends and relatives called my stance as act of immaturity. Giving up my high paying managerial position, taking my family back to village life and giving up all city comfort to live simple life in middle of nature. All these only to spend maximum time with my parents, does require a strong guts.

But when, I was in middle of complicate situation, I looked behind only to find my Dad, standing and cheering me up all my days. The person who allow me to stand now looking to get some help and support for himself. In his tough situation, leaving him alone was not something that my heart allow. I was in middle of tussle. My minds had different opinion but my heart says differently, and finally, I went with my Heart.


Helping him stand, supporting him to walk few steps and making him smile does give me great satisfaction some thing, I would miss, if I went with glamorous lifestyle. I know life is tough and by prioritizing my parents over my own life and family is pretty risky and give me more challenges, bur irrespective of any future consequences I find complete happiness in my current deed. I don't have any source of income, nor any support to carry on with life. But leaving everything for my dad health I keep going with life.


I risked my life and family, only for my parents. Their little smile does give enough strength to face any tough situation, hope I won't get into trouble or into more challenges in future that would make me regret my decision. But currently my priority is my Dad and his smile. And I am enjoying

This is my priority list in response to this week @ecotrain QOTW - Season 6 - Priority

Considering all my circumstances, I put my Parent in the first priority list. I would be very keen to know, what could you have done , when you have to choose between Parents, Family and Career ??


Namaste @steemflow

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