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As we know there are some certain laws on which this whole Cosmos works. Being getting older is one of the Truth of this wonderful Universe. But if we ask someone that "Would you like to become immortal?" The most probable Answer is the Absolute Yes! But as we know it's against Universal Laws but what if I told you that you can make yourself more younger than present, you probably like to become more younger. I know what will be your next question that is "What are the Precautions I must follow became more younger?" Yeah. I'm going to tell you what are some exact measures which when you follow then you will able to keep you Younger once again:

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1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol - Alcohol is a super Addictive substance which when you feed yourself on a daily basis it harms your immune system and causes so many diseases and make you Unhealthy and Week as well.

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2. Take a Deep Sleep Daily - Actually our body loves sleeping. We likes to sleep. But due to our bad habits sleep late due to various reasons make us I'll and older too. Sleep Early helps us in healing us from both physically and mentally. For a good nap we must sleep for atleast 7 hrs daily. Our body is designed to recharge himself by resting.

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3. Try Not To Overeat - Gaining weight is one of the reason for looking older. Most people nowadays love snacking all the time. They does this due to of a Fake Sense of being Hungry. This is very bad. If we eat continuosly without any stop then our digestive system is working all the time. Digestion Process need oxygen to be happen so we fell lack of oxygen within us. This brought new diseases within us. And make us Unhealthy and Older.

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4. Do Exercise Daily - Exercise helps to boost your metabolism. Try to make a habit of walking early in the morning. Also do practice Yoga, it is very beneficial if you want to keep you Active. Yoga is way to fit you both physically and mindfully. And ultimately makes you Younger and Healthier.

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5. Limiting your stress levels - Stress is the main cause of making us older. To removing stress from your life, you have to cut down the mediums which causes stress in your life. To cutdown stress from your life, first you need to focus on cutdown it's source whatever it is.Leave toxic people's who makes you uncomfortable. Feed yourself that you are the BEST. Put positive affirmations about yourself in your subconscious mind. Help yourself to build the Best form of yourself. Try to spend more time in Nature this help to maintain your Stress Levels.

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6. Be Vegan - In Today's world where meat is no longer healthier. I saw the way farmed meats are made. They are super unhealthy and helps to brought several diseases and make you body a house of Deadly Diseases. So, it's good to became vegan. Do try to grow your own vegetables and fruits at your farm. Eating healthy and fresh vegetables will keep you more younger. It's the BEST way to survive in today's toxic world.

Make Nature your Best Friend. If you Care Nature, Nature Cares You! 🌱β™₯️

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7. Stay Alone, Be Happy - Living Alone will help you to live the Best life you want to live. You are fully independent and free to live your life in your own way. Many people's all around world living alone in jungles. They are there finding the Ultimate peace of life. And starts spend their life under the lap of Mother Nature. It's not easy but not impossible. Living connected to Nature will help you to Ascend your energies. This ultimately help to became more stronger, healthier and mindful. Yes, it ultimately make you more younger ever in older age.

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