Is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behaviour or prevent panic- My Answer Based On My Country Condition.


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Covid-19 is going to be the most devastating epidemic in the history of human civilization. It's going to be break every kind of record of death by an epidemic and Composing the darkest chapter of human civilization. The struggle for survival has turned into a war today and everyone in the world has to take part in this war. No one knows where and when this battle for survival will end. At this juncture of life and death, state cooperation is becoming the only means of survival for the people.

COVID-19 becomes the only Headache for every Government of every state in the world. Every Government is passing a very tup situation at this time. Because they have to save people's life by at any cost. Every Government is taking the proper step to save their people's lives, they are supporting their people's providing foods, daily necessities, and trying to ensuring the better quarantine life of people. No Government is thinking about their economical condition at this time they are not trying to balancing their economy.

The government of some states is proving wrong information about COVID-19. They are not allowing to announce any kind of non-government report on COVID-19 affected people, death by Covid-19, and the actual number of cures. Because they are trying to control the ultimate behavior of their country people and they don't want to increase the panic among the people of their country.


There has a great benefit of democracy. It can be controlled by state governments or can be controlled by political power. Any Government can be used democracy for the betterment of any country people. The government of any democratic country can control the electric media, printing media, which is the best data source of people of any state.

Bangladesh is a very populated country and it's could be a great red zone for COVID-19. One the other hand the maximum number of people in Bangladesh are illiterate and Maximum number of people live under poverty. Lacking health consciousness and poverty could be very responsible for a huge number of death by COVID-19 in our country. Like another country Saving people from being affected by COVID-19 is very challenging for the Government of Bangladesh.

The number of being affected people are still more than eight thousand and more than 150 people is dying by COVID-19 till today. This report is providing by our government and update is coming every day. Without the Government report, we have no any non-government report. The maximum people in Bangladesh believe that this is not the actual number of affected people. They also believe that the number of being affected people could be huge and the government report is not very perfect.

Day by day the percentage of being affected people is increasing because the testing capacity are increasing. We know that our government is playing a mind game with us but how many people of our country thinking like me. They are believing in the report of Government and they are controlling their behavior depending on the report.

Our Government successfully able to taking control of our country people. Just forget about the report. They are able to find out the riskiest zone for COVID-19, and they are able to take the proper step to control the people of those areas. So till the number of being affected is under control.

If our government proving us the real information about the COVID-19 and they will be depending on our people with the hope people can take care of themself, the situation could be very different than now. How long people will control themself, especially the poor people who live under poverty, will not under control and COVID-19 will because of the death of millions in our country.

In my view, information is not much important at this time. Proper information is very important only for our government. That they can take proper steps for saving lives in most affected areas. By providing actual news no need to increase the panic of country people, if our government is able to control the behavior of people by providing wrong information they should continue this process until the overall situation under controlled.

Thanks for reading. Stay Safe and HIVE on!!

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