Potato ... Potato ...

If you follow the story of my organic farming in this community (we don’t use any additives in the field to grow or control pests), then we are now nearing the end. We have to pick potatoes.

Traditionally, potatoes are the crop that receives the most attention in our region. A hundred or so years ago, there was considerable scarcity and famine in our region, and only a good potato harvest enabled families to survive.
This is no longer the case, of course, but potatoes are still an important food. And this year, everyone who plants potatoes is unhappy because the harvest, mainly because of the drought, is poor.
Most of families were harvested about two weeks earlier and the crop was small.
We planted them a little later, so we are harvesting them later. It is a sort Arrow, from Dutch, which is supposedly a very fast grower. It has been in the ground for more than 60 days and, although it's still hot, it has started to rot, which means that it's time to harvest it.


But ... um ... wait ... where's that potato? It's not visible, everything in the photo is more like an overgrown field than a landscaped field. It's right there, under the bushy green weeds. 😁

First, it was necessary to mow the field a few days earlier.


When everything dried after a couple of days I picked everything up and removed it.

On Friday afternoon my wife and I (and the dog 😎) came to pick up the potatoes. First, I used a cultivator with a plow to open the rows where we planted the potatoes.


Because it grew deep, there was very little outside and it had to be dug up by hand.
Here you have to be careful not to overcut the potatoes, because after a while they start to rot and you have to use them first.


Because of the trees around (once all the fields were there, but now everything is overgrown because no one is cultivating) there is shade in our field in the afternoon.
The hand bathing took a while, and in the meantime the afternoon turned into evening.


Like everyone else, I think the harvest is modest, and there could have been more of it. But what do we want, that's nature. First drought, then repeated rains, then drought again, then weeds... and so on ad infinitum.
It's not what I expected, but it's something.


πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·


πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Well, the digging is over, I must be pleased, this is our harvest. Maybe we should have tried harder, who knows? Nevertheless, that's fine. Maybe next year will be better.


πŸ“· 😎 πŸ“·

Finally, a photo of the moon, almost full moon when my wife and I finished in the field.


If anyone is more interested in how the farming went: Drought, Mud in the field, Growing, Jungle in the field, What's going on.
btw: I also planted some sweet potatoes but they have to grow in the soil for at least 90 days so we will wait a while.

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