The various ways I express my gratitude 😇

The secret of happiness: Expressing gratitude to others.


Gratitude sounds like a simple concept, but unfortunately, today's ultra-immersive world can easily distract us, distract us from what we already have, and let us always chase the next victory. The main thing is to slow down, look around and pay more attention.

The people we talk to every day have many things to thank, and here are some ways to effectively express this gratitude.

Is our life just a long-term pursuit of happiness? Does luck matter? Some people say that there are more important things to worry about, while others think that happiness is irreplaceable and that everyone wants to find in life in the end.

Why is happiness important?

Happiness does not mean hiding and/or denying the reality of negative emotions or pretending to be happy all day, every day. We all encounter trouble from time to time, and we naturally experience anger, sadness and depression. And other negative emotions caused by these adversities.

Otherwise it is to deny part of human existence, which is more or less a delusion. Happiness means using good times, but also effectively managing the inevitable bad times so that we can live the best life overall.
A common misconception about happiness is that people who are somehow happy are more likely to become lazy or incompetent.


In fact, research shows that on the contrary: happiness not only brings happiness, it actually brings various benefits to our work efficiency, physical and mental health, and interpersonal relationships.

For example, economists at the University of Warwick have different groups of people who have positive or neutral videos and are then required to complete standard work-related tasks on a paid basis. Those who are willing to be happy are 11% more productive than their peers.

The school found that companies with satisfied employees outperform the stock market year after year, and happiness is closely related to people's cultivating better decision-making ability and creativity.

In fact, happiness can be the key to success; however, it can not only help us play a better personal role in work and personal life: happiness has also greatly improved our society as a whole.

Happier people are also less prone to dangerous behaviors—for example, they wear seat belts more often and are less likely to be involved in traffic accidents.
People find that they are more financially responsible, save more, and better control their spending.

So luck is very important, and scientific evidence is essential. There is even evidence that happiness is contagious, which is why, according to extensive research published in the British Medical Journal, researchers at Harvard University and universities help happier people be happier.


San Diego, California, has observed people for 20 years and found that “happy groups are the result of happiness spreading, not just people’s tendency to connect with similar people”, and personal happiness is actually related to those I care related. I don't know... Three degrees of separation!

This means that when you are happy, you will not only make your friends happier, but also make your friends and your friends' friends happier! On the contrary, the pursuit of one's own happiness can be understood as a generous public service, and even as a civic duty to increase the happiness of the entire society.

Emotional state can also have a major impact on your physical health. Expressing gratitude can make you feel better.The secret of happiness can lie in simply expressing gratitude to people.

What recent Study says?
True gratitude can bring you happiness and make you happy because you get everything you are grateful for. Recent studies have shown that practicing gratitude every day can bring more attention, excitement, optimism and satisfaction, not to mention better sleep quality and a greater sense of connection with others.

How to express gratitude to others. And pay more attention to the people we communicate with every day ❓

Here are some ways to effectively express this gratitude.

Writing letter to express your love and respect.


In this digital world, We basically rely on apps to convey on feeling. But a manual letter to someone who is very special for you will be my first preference to show gratitude.
Like for your mom, dad, etc.

Telling someone in writing what you like or appreciate can make their life better.

Giving them Hugs!

It has been found that hugs can reduce the stress level of relevant personnel, which is a good natural stress reliever.

You don't have to walk around with the free hug sign, but you have to hug more. Tasks can go a long way in showing others that you care about them. We rarely forget the small ministries that people do for us when they help us.

Encourage yourself.

When someone doubts your acting ability, be a cheerleader. It can be highly contagious, and when someone has doubts about themselves, this is exactly what is needed to convey the message.

Make a sincere compliment.

If someone is beautiful, or if you value their impact on your life, please be precise.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

When something wonderful happens to someone, be ecstatic and join their joy sincerely. They are always happy, and they are happy that you recognize their efforts. Attention and concentration when being with others is one of the best gifts we can give.This shows that we respect them and give them full attention. understanding.


Be Supportive

If someone encounters difficulties, please let them know that you are by their side. Sometimes, we just need to know what others think of us and open our ears when we want to talk about it.

Last Word

These are all my thoughts. Depending on situation I show my gratitude in different ways.

Hope you like this one!💗

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