Today's harvest and a few treats from the garden


Man it's good to be able to nip over to the allotment and pick the fruits of our labour. Nothing quite like some fresh organic veg to bring a smile to the face :)

And what about this Romanesco? It's looking so big now, must almost be time to eat it? Never having grown one before, I actually have no idea.


This is what happens if you wait too long.


It is a cauliflower gone funky. But the taste is still exceptional, especially when eaten raw.

The peas are in full bloom now and will soon need support of some kind.


And finally here is the baby spinach. So happy to see it appear, just when I was starting to lose hope!


Back in the courtyard the plums are starting to sprout. Especially happy to see the Reine Claude in there. Those of you who saw my last film will understand why this particular variety is so important to me.


Am also happy to report that we were able to dig up two fig trees last year, planting them both in this big pot.


The little fig leaves are just beginning to appear now.


Lastly you can see two varietites of avocado plant. Both of them just six months old.


Ignore the weeds in the hanging bottle garden! I will be getting to that soon...

Love & Light everyone 🌱