ecoTrain Question Of The Week: What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?

The new question has arrived! I really like this initiative by @ecoTrain and @ eco-alex that you can see in this link just by touching the image:

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What is intimacy for you?

It is a characteristic on a personal level that is related to our interior, directly associated with the feelings in the depths of our being.

It is the essence of a super strong relationship, well blended! where the main ingredient is trust, the same that we could have with people we select, not with everyone! whether in our family environment, group of friends or any other person who is directly related to us and wins that position for their positive attitude and loyalty.

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Our inner Self makes the best effort to find that someone who allows it to be totally free in their presence; We generally do not show our emotions to everyone and I think that it is the right thing to do, but with that person, allowing us to laugh, cry, scream and express ourselves as best we want without taboo of being intimidated or criticized for any reason and without limits or fears.

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Nowadays when they mention the word INTIMACY most of the people associate it to the sexual plane and why not? It also applies since it is important for the human being and even more in couple relationships where I think that intimacy becomes that plus that gives the special touch at the time of intercourse, the more trust and connection there is between the two people will flow things naturally and there will be full enjoyment or pleasure in both.

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Do you need it to be happy?

Literally Yes! I've always thought that two are better than one, Two heads are better than one! I particularly have two people in my life who are important, the main one is my mother. Can there be someone who wants good for us more than our mother? My answer is no! That is why she is the first on my list, with her I have been able to cry, laugh, sing, dance, talk about profound things and be able to hear a word of encouragement every time I need it, more than my mother is my best friend and I love her , It is an enormous trust that exists between us, in addition, I have another friend who more than a friend is like my sister being an unconditional support in everything since she has existed in my life, nine years ago ... I am privileged to have them and that it makes me happy.

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How do you meet your privacy needs ... especially during COVID19?

Under normal conditions my secular life is working many hours a day and robotically I come home from work and if it is not too late I go to my mother's house who lives very close to me and then back home to shower and rest to return the next day with the routine, currently I am at home like everyone else in the world and the activities inherent to my work are carried out here, in order to communicate with my mother I go to her house taking all the personal protection measures for myself and My relatives, the walk from my house to hers is approximately 15 minutes so I can listen and share with her, on the other hand my friend is moving to my house right now with her daughter, so we keep each other company and also support each other In the economic part, I am even falling in love with the plants in the backyard of the house, so much so that with their help I have planted vegetables and greens such as: Corn, yam, banana, sweet potato, tomato, chili pepper, chives, milk oza, basil and we have already cleaned another part of the patio to plant beans taking advantage of this quarantine time due to COVID - 19 I have a productive patio! And every day I fall in love more.


Also, thanks to the technology that advances by leaps and bounds day after day, this allows us to be close even in the middle of such a distance since we can see and hear each other even though we cannot have physical contact and that is a blessing.


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