Back in the garden today to see the dragon fruit that has started to ripen

Hello all friends in this community who I love all of them. See you again this time with me @ridwanms here and I hope hive friends are all in good health always and always successful for all friends everywhere. especially those in this community which we are all proud of.

I'm back here again, this time I greet all friends in this largest community to share together.

I returned to the garden looking at the dragon plants that had quite good fruit and had started to ripen, almost being able to harvest and the taste of dragon fruit was quite sweet like this.

This dragon fruit plant has various models, some of which are white and some are red, and the taste is almost the same in my opinion.

There are dragon fruit plants in this garden that have just come out of flowers and very many dragon flowers have already come out.
This dragon fruit plant has only entered Aceh in recent years, but many have cultivated dragon plants.

The price of dragon fruit in the market varies according to the size of the fruit. Dragons in this area are very numerous and easy to live in this area. But in this area there are still few people who consume the fruit, maybe many do not know the benefits of the dragon fruit.

For more details, let's see below some pictures of dragon fruit that I took in the garden

Thank you all for viewing and reading hopefully you should be entertained.

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Camera usedredmi 9 xiomi
LocationAceh indonesia
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