Focus On Solution


We are often puzzled by some problem, A problem could be anything that is killing your time. And time is the most precious thing you have right now. Anyone can get anything back but not time nor life.

You have to understand that we all have just one life and when there is a problem there is a solution. If you want to find the solution just focus on the solution. Don't sit there only thinking about the problem and say like "Oh! God why this thing happened to me" or something like "Why Always Me?"

When we try to focus on the solution we find enormous ways to do it and after we start implementing our ideas problems become so small and We ended solving them.

Life is not fair. Everyone is facing something in his life. Remember we all have some kind of pain in our life but Pain Only teaches one lesson.

The pain stops when it has been done teaching you. So if you are in pain there is something you have to understand what it is trying to teach you. First, understand the thing then it will leave you alone with your only happiness.

Thanks for reading my post, Also share How you prefer to solve the problems in the comment box.

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