ecoTrain QOTW 5.3: Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them?

Five people that I listen to. Why do I trust them?

In the beginning, confidence is a matter of relativity somewhat, so it is necessary for the beginning to ask yourself on what basis is this confidence built?
On the basis of love and friendliness, on the basis of respect, or on the basis of an interest in work?

Trust has many principles and many methods that you must base your affairs on before deciding whether or not to trust so-and-so.

Before I say I trust this person, I have several personal standards and I do not know if these standards are widespread or not, but I define them based on my personal experience.
In the beginning, does this person trust himself, if the person does not trust himself, then stop my trust in him?
Is this person worthy of respect, then the person you trust should be a new person with respect, who knows what he is doing, and this is what makes us not place our bet or our trust on a drunk person, for example ..
Finally, to what extent should I expect this person?
Do I expect something very important to me from him and how important is this thing?
It is the relativity that I talked about at the beginning of the post ...



With all due respect to all those who published personalities in previous posts, but at the beginning you have to trust yourself first and foremost.
No one will love you and no one will fear you like yourself?
A human being by nature is a survival being, and in the end if the choice is between you and another person, you will choose yourself first and foremost.

Therefore, you must put confidence in yourself and maintain that throughout your life. Confidence consists in many things, including not giving up and trying once, two, three and ten.


My Father

In fact, I put my father in the second place after me at all times, and I was supposed to put him in the first place, but I will not consider myself in order now.
A father is the best person who can fear you, love you, and protect you from the earliest years of your life, and you do not know anything in this life, for he is the one who took care of you.

Therefore, it is your first source of confidence, which you should enjoy his words very much while you think carefully about everything he wants you, you are moving away from him, not just stubbornness.


My Mother

Perhaps this is the last character from the family that I will host, and I will start after adding two famous personalities, but if your mother is not on the list that you trust, then you also do not deserve to be in it.

The mother who did everything for you and for your care and upbringing is more worthy of love and trust than anyone else.

This is not her choice, but her innate nature that makes her love you for free, so don't worry about this aspect, she will love you forever, as she is endlessly trustworthy from you.


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

It is strange that I put the name of a person from hundreds of years and I did not meet him, but I read a lot about this brilliant musician and enjoyed his quotes well, as he is really genius and trustworthy due to the openness of his mind and his genius.

He is the one who says illness that gives me more courage and control of my nerves. He suffered a lot throughout his life, but he used to play the most beautiful melodies for us, as if he was scattering roses on a path full of thorns.
And he said in exchange for the presence of thorns, roses also exist.


Albert Einstein

Dear readers, we have reached the last person whom I trust blindly, although I differ with him in nationality and everything, but this person is trustworthy from every person on the planet.
As if he had a magic wand with which he discovered the mysterious, but indeed that magic wand was his mind that illuminated the path of humanity for hundreds of years.

Einstein, who was able with his genius to prove things and discover things that make you trust him without thinking.
If he lives now and tells us that water is not water, you must trust him without thinking.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed this article away from reviews ..


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