Ecotrain question: The Action Needed To Combat Climate Change?

The climate change we are seeing over a longer period of time is as a result of what we got ourselves into, unlike my country Nigeria, oil companies and government relate in extractions of oil, gas and others minerals resources from the ground.

Therefore, making the world climate change stays overtime and longer than necessary, then to combat this Change i think reducing of the ways of pulling out this minerals resources from the ground should be considered at minimal.


And not everyday tasks so as to help in culminating the world climate change, because what we suffered here now or later would be a problem somewhere, for the fact that the world is a small village, Peoples operations, activities and tasks has a big impacts on others performance.

For the fact that we are all Humans, we all matters to one another.

So to combat this climate change, firm's should know what is at stake and they should know what not to do and the time that is conducive for production, although their focus is to served humanity with goods and services any time, but without proper management of their aims that their focus can turn hazardous to humanity.

Then eliminating their primary functions, which is what we should not let it come to, we should join hands and keep the world peace together.

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