ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?

Technology has always been my talked of the day, Technology has help me positively both in my career and my life as well.

Therefore, the one Technology that has had a positive influence on me is Handset, since the introduction of Handset in my life, I have experience a positive change and more growth that has really added value to my me and my life as well.


Handset is a miracle to me and this world at large.

Handset performed much duty than expected, take for instance, before, i used to send letters through postal offices, but now, With the help of Handset, I can send messages across the globe just by using text message, social media and emails.

Handset is really a good thing and is so amazing to me, right now, i make calls at the comfort of my homes, offices and recreational centres and get the results i expected.

Speaking of this technology one has to be grateful for, I think is nothing rather than Handset, I pray everyday for the person(s) that bring the idea of producing a Handset

The originator of Handset has done more than expected to humanity and to this life, each and everyday I am always grateful for their efforts put in making **Handset a reality to us.

Just by looking at Handset and seeing what it can do to humanity by helping us to achieved our goals, easily and with less time in a more relaxing way Makes me happy.



Handsets are of many types, we have Tecno Headset, we have Itel Handsets, we have Samsung Handsey and we also have iPhone, etc

They are so many types of phones and each of them has their system, but, nowadays phones are mostly run on Android system, since the devicye using this system are easily to adapt to common environment and places with low network signals.

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