Red Insect or Paper wasps building nest

The beauty of our life is to live and let others live. If we are able to support other species live inside our habitat, that itself gives us a great peace of mind. Today I wanted to share some photos of paper wasps I took. In our local language this insect is called Kulavi and their sting pains a lit. I noticed this nest hanging in one of the leafs in front of the house. I initially thought this could be ant or even small size honey bees. But they did not choose the right place to build the nests. So I know for a fact they are not bees.


My mother told me that she got a nice sting from this insect. She was going to clear this off from the pathway but I stopped her from doing that. It was automatically cleared in a few days. I don't know how that happened but hope they moved to a different place safe.





In our local culture there is a belief that when insects and wasps build nests in our house, it is good omen. It means that we have a good habitat suitable for living. It also means that we are not only living in a best place but we are also letting other species live happily around us. Next time I wish they build their nests in a place that is not a pathway and don't get disturbed by people moving that way.

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