ecoTrain Cooking On A Budget competition week 3: New Year Leftovers

Another great season another good day, we are once again here to participate in the contest. Every week there are more questions with more new ideas from the Ecotrain community and all their questions are unique and interesting. The efforts of the community is really appreciable and their members are working hard for the growth of the community. We can see the community is growing and many more users are participating and making posts in this community.

This week the contest is cookingonabudget Leftovers. In the previous food contest we were have to show the foods which was added in the contest but in this week contest we are supposed to add pictures of the leftovers. To the start of new year we arrange many and variety foods but I was unaware of the contest to make shots of the dishes and the leftovers. That is what I missed the great chance of the delicious foods to add in the contest. Anyway, I am going to share my today dish which we are making for the meal.


Asian countries are famous for their foods and cookings. Today I am sharing the food which is unique and may other countries are unaware of the dish. The food is famous in India, Iran, Afghanistan and may be many more countries. Today I am going to serve tasty DAAL which is in English word LENTILS. The food is tasty and delicious and is made in different steps.


DAAL came in different varieties such as DAAL moong, DAAL zard, DAAL Sia, DAAL maash. These Daals are more famous and is used more for the meals. Among all Daals, DAAL Sia is my favorite and I like the most. Today we make DAAL Sia which I will tell how this food is made and some shots during cooking. I will also share the Leftovers of the tasty food.

Some of the ingredients for the food is ,

  1. DAAL Sia
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Garlic
  4. Spices
  5. Green chilli
  6. Oil
  7. Salt


At first DAAL is bought from the general stores, which is available for $1 for 1KG. This DAAL is further cleaned from the stones and other dirt's. We add DAAL in an empty large pot to wash properly to remove other dusts and dirt's. We will keep this DAAL for about an hour in a clean water to get soften this is because nature of the food is hard and it should be soften before cooking.

After we fire the stove and boil daal well for about 2 hours to get soften well. In other pot we fry tomatoes to make the paste. Garlic, spices, green chilli are then added in the tomato paste and put it on low fire for about half an hour to get all the ingredients well mixed. After checking daal by hand that it has soften, we add tomato mixture in boiled daal and mix it well. The dish is then placed on a fire for about half hour more to get the well taste. The tasty DAAL is ready to be served.



And the Leftovers

We with a family ate this food which is very delicious and tasty. Hope you people will like the food, recipe and the cooking method. We have some leftovers of the food which is captured with a mobile camera. This is my entry in the contest and hope it will be good recipe and will be accepted by the community. Thank you all for reading.

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