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It's a beautiful day in this community #Ecotrain and I am glad to be part of the first question of another season with QOTW challenge.

Here is the question of the week thrown at us:
"What Actions have you taken in your life that led to positive changes?"

In life, we are made to understand that our actions would determine the result we would have at the end of the day. Whether you take it serious or not, it's left to you and you will definitely see for yourself because it is how you lay your bed, you lie on it. There are so many actions I have taken and has led me to positive changes which is obvious in my life. Anytime I wake up and see who I have become, I give glory to God for helping me choose the right way.

I could have become an hooligan, tout, someone who would have been married to someone who would probably be beating the hell out of me or perhaps, I would have been divorced and becoming a single mother, but an action changed everything for me. I remembered when I just finished my secondary school, I decided to be free on my own, not wanting to heed to my parent's advice and ended up sleeping in a tout's house for three days. I became a nobody at that moment but that time, I realized I am only deceiving myself if I do not return back to my parent. Lo and behold, I became like the Prodigal son who came back to his father and they accepted me back, even though I had the worse beating of my life.

There are situations I have encountered in life that has made me thought of doing what others were doing to earn money by trading their bodies for an exchange but I didn't because I have always wanted to become somebody great in life.

When my mom died, everything became so tough and difficult plus my Dad not having a work to do to help his children. I could have gone for help through various means and help feed my family but I made up my mind not to indulge in wrong move that could harm me later in life. I have always experienced people who end up regretting their actions and seeing that gave me inspiration and encouragement not to follow their steps.

One of my actions that has led to a positive changes in my life today is surrendering to God and willing to serve Him all my life. It has got a point that I wouldn't go a day without talking to God. I am thankful today for the step I took the other day to follow Christ.

When I gained admission into the University, the little I was helped with by my Aunts were what I lived on with. Sending me $10 per month isn't enough for a lady like me. I saw my mates driving cars, wearing the best clothes, shoes and having all they want. I would have decided to meet them to show me the way but I didn't. I kept managing what I have and still was serving God. I didn't stop working hard too especially with my phone.

Today, I am proud of who I am. I have seen my mates who I thought I could go to for help, some are regretting right now.

I have a friend who we finished from college and she decided to get married because she was pregnant and she told me to get married too but I told her it wasn't yet time to do that. This my friend will always come to me for help with her family. If I had heeded to her then and see the need to get married even without any plan from me, I would have been a disgrace to myself and family.

One day, I was sitting at my mom's shop and saw some people on their NYSC uniform (NYSC means National Youth Service Corps) these are those who just graduated from the University and are mandated to serve their country for a year by posting them to different states and they get certified after finishing the programme. They were passing by the road when I saw them. I was motivated and I said to myself that I will wear the uniform one day too.

Today, I am glad for the action I took then and in few months time (next year precisely), I would be putting on that uniform too.

There are many actions I have taken that I can't continue to mention but I just want to say that I did the right thing which I am enjoying today and has led to a great and positive changes in me.

Here is the link to the QOTW if you are willing to participate too.

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