Eco train QOTW season 8.4 : "If not you then who? If not now then when?

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Eco train's Question for this week is very interesting and reflective as usual. It is a little bit tricky too as one can answer it in different ways from one's own perspective. So I am going to share my own view while answering the question.

"If Not You Then Who?

Whenever it comes to social causes, we always cheer up people who do their best for such causes while keeping their personal lives aside. At times one has to sacrifice a lot for such causes. But yes when it comes to us, we always feel reluctant to do that. Because as a humans we don't want to take risks. We always try to think and find excuses that if others are not doing that then why us. Everyone is so busy in their personal lives, jobs, daily routines that none wants to think and act on anything else. Yes there are some people who win over such tendencies of fear and do their best while sacrificing their personal benefits.

If Not Now Then When?

It is some kind of laziness or may be negligent behavior that most of the times we do not get out of our sleep. When a disaster happens then we wake up and run here to there. We always need something that can shake us completely before we take any action regarding it. Although they say "prevention is better than cure" But sincerely speaking none is interested in prevention. And then they want cure at any cost. This is the only thing that is going to bring disasters to our earth.

I hope and pray we all may really understand that prevention is better than cure. We all may understand that we have some individual responsibilities towards mother earth too. That now is the time to begin doing my part for mother nature.

I conclude my post with prayers for health and peace all around the universe.

Thank you @ecotrain for the reflective questions each week. Hope we all make this world a better place to live.
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Thank you

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