Making plastic recycling available to everyone / VIDEO - The worldwide problem with collecting and recycling plastic

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The problem of plastic is very large and difficult to address, especially since we have always been led to believe that it is a material that is difficult to work with and almost impossible to reuse or recycle on a small scale. On the other hand, governments do not implement laws that force companies to have to recycle the material they use in their products once used by consumers.

To my surprise there are people who are doing things very intelligently to transform this reality. Among those people is the Precious Plastic project.
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An excellent open source project that seeks to provide knowledge and tools so that anyone can recycle plastic and on top of that generate economic income while helping the planet, our nature and our society.

Knowing the importance of this initiative to add more people to their movement, I have created this account. This is a NON OFFICIAL account of the Precious Plastic project created with the intention of promoting recycling worldwide under the proposed scheme at To achieve this we will be spreading all the content generated by the Precious Plastic team and its worldwide community on the Hive blockchain. Hopefully they will want to make this their official account in our beloved blockchain.

I hope this initiative has your support and can achieve its goal of helping Precious Plastic reach more people every day.

VIDEO - The worldwide problem with collecting and recycling plastic by Precious Plastic/Dave Hakkens

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