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@Ecotrain 's Question this week is:

If your were to meet with a wise person/sage what sort of questions would you ask?

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It's funny, but when I started to formulate questions, my mind began to retrieve, bring forth bits of information and knowledge I had accumulated and the answers to my questions would begin to formulate too! Plus more questions would form.

Then there is the fact that:

You don’t know what you don’t know

And what of knowing? You have knowing and not knowing and then there is that kind of special knowing. Intuitive or tapping into the divine, or universal knowledge.

I found that once something comes into our world, or enters our awareness, we start to kind of build a relationship with what we notice. We are creating our reality. In this way we are actors in the cosmos and we play a part in bringing it into being.

So my questioning is in the line of our existence.

On this plane of existence are there fixed patterns or is it all random? Is it just chaos or is there an order.

Just today I tuned into an interesting talk between Jordan Peterson and Dr. Iain McGilchrist

Dr. McGilchrist spoke that we actually live in two worlds because of the constructs of our left and right hemispheres of the brain. The right hemisphere opens up to possibilities (chaos) and the left closes down to certainty (order).

The point was made of a need for balance and when you add harmony to chaos you will have order. There is a need for dipole for it is the prerequisite of being.

It is when there is a lack of something that it brings a justification of being (they give examples of this in their talk). This gives us the resistance, another necessary part for coming into being, bringing along an accumulated knowledge.

As for our realities we all have truths so we can discriminate what comes into our brains, as the brain will only take in what is relevant for us at the time.

What happens if you become more observant, bring more to your awareness and then you actualize it?

I wonder how much there is out there – pondering infinity?

So to grow to your greatest potential (something I am quite interested in) you need to encounter as much uncertainty as you can tolerate. You need to have risks so your brain takes in more. Need to be challenged for more growth to happen.

Back to the question about fixed patterns – Again Dr. McGilchrist spoke that yes, there is a direction but that direction is unknown. Both the cosmos and our daily lives are in a process of becoming. Everything is a process and there are patterns. You can see this when you come into the presence of music, it has patterns and something is coming into being!

Then they bring in the concept of time and how you can see that everything is flowing, it is just a matter of the time constraints you see it in. Interesting!

One other important point that came out in their talk was the need to be open to be able to receive the knowledge. And of reciprocal opening between two people. If you are opened up to someone and they open up back, there is love. Knowledge will arise out of the disposition of love. You need to be open to receive.

People desire a sense of presence, reciprocal opening, so they can get into the flow state. Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuro scientist, spoke of this too, that we are wired for love which I spoke of in an earlier post here

If I were to encounter a wise person I would hope that I am open and this reciprocal openness can occur with the imparting of knowledge and wisdom, bringing realizations, insights and opening up a whole new world.

Here’s to being more open to the love that abounds!
Peace and Love to you all!

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