Making Memories and Retrieving Memories - Response to Ecotrain QOTW...

The @Ecotrain Question of the Week details here is

What are you doing to create memories, make life more fulfilling?

Here is what I have in response to that question -

Very interesting times we live in with unprecedented events happening! I'm sure this will be etched in our memories for quite some time!

As someone living in these times I like to adopt the concept of writing a memoir to be a record of the times. Imagine if you were starting to write your memoir when you are eight years old, all the changes you will witness in your life (there's an idea for things to do with your children when we are sheltering in place!)


I had started writing my memoir for I have seen many changes - I actually caught the end of the horse and buggy era for we had a horse drawn wagon delivering milk to each household. I was there when electric cable cars were used and we still had a party line when I moved to the country, forget about cell phones or smart phones!

I wanted to write my memoir mostly for my grandchild, for I remember when we were given an assignment in school to make an autobiography and part of that was to find out about our history. It gave me an opportunity to ask my grandparents about what their lives where like with some really interesting stories coming out. I wish I would have asked them more questions and for that matter even more from my parents.

While we are sheltering in place and have more time on our hands with the children, this may be a wonderful opportunity to start asking some questions of the grandparents. I'm sure they would appreciate someone being interested in their lives and it's a great way to spend time together which can be done over Skype of Facetime or whatever apps or means you use to communicate with your grandparents.

It's great to have your family histories and keep these stories alive! Capture a bit of your legacy for future generations.

Not sure what to ask? Desert News had a wonderful list here

If you want to take things one step further, broaden it to learn about your heritage or the background you come from.
WikiHow has a great article with lots of ideas you can do while you are sheltering in place called How to Celebrate Your Families Heritage read it here

That's enough for now, I'm going to continue writing my memoir and I hope I inspired you to write yours and ask those questions of your grandparents while they are still with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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