Ecotrain Question of the week season 6 #7: How do you feel in this moment?


I am feeling Cold, weak and unhappy it is too cold out here, as we all know this is rainy season and the rains at times is distracting, people's don't go to market as they used to, some shops are not opening, companies who are into constructions are fully operated, infact things (works) are not at nominal, government Do not award contract to individuals person and companies like they used to do, this season is just suck and life become boring as the rains keep distracting.

No much money in circulation as government do not released it to award contract, kiosk and road sellers goes home empty handed with no much patronage as contractor's are not there to patronize them as they used to.

Therefore people are no happy likewise me as they not much to think of and be happy for, moreover Good's and services are at minimal.

Thanks for reading my post.

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