The best Act of Kindness I've ever received \\ Sharing my Life Experience.

It was a busy day for me. I had to give a PowerPoint presentation to my client. As I was a newbie in that company so I was pretty nervous. I wouldn't say, my presentation was a big deal but it was something big to me personally because it was the first tire for me to prove myself to the company.

And I failed to open my PowerPoint presentation.

Can you believe this?

You probably have seen this in movies. But it happened to me, in real life, and felt like a movie to me.

It was a moment when I felt like I was melting down, I was going crazy inside, my heart was pumping so fast I could hear it.

Everyone was upset, my boss was so annoyed, people were picking through the glass door to see 'what happened?'

You can imagine how embarrassing the situation was. But I got saved!


One of the members of our client group stood up and called for help. Even no one from my office came to help me and probably thinking about how they can suspend my probation period in their head. But that one guy helped me, even he got some judgmental comments for his action. And I totally agree that it was not his job but my responsibility.

But he saved me, his simple act of kindness saved my day, my job, and probably my life too.

I'm not with that company anymore, not in touch with that person also. But still, I can remember that day clearer than anything and feel blessed to have him at that moment.

No, it was not a life-changing moment for me. But that simple act of kindness surely helped me understand a lot of things in life. And I will sure return that kind of work to someone else also.


This is the magic of an 'act of kindness'. It's compelling. We also follow the same treatment we got someday from someone. These can change the world, maybe not in one day but gradually. We often ignore to notice what blessings we have. If we notice the random acts of kindness in our life, we can find more reasons to feel grateful.

So thanks to @ecotrain for asking this. It's probably not the best thing you are hearing from me, nor something miraculous. But it was a memorable event in my life. I still feel blessed to receive that kindness and trying to give back the same whenever I can.



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