Count your blessings \\ Gratitude 101

What makes us feel grateful?

Obviously, owning the sense that we are blessed.

That's why, for me, gratitude starts with counting our blessings.

Most of the time, we ignore to notice the blessings we have, that we own without any effort. But this one thing is the best to feel grateful, to start a gratitude practice. When we look around closely, we will find a hundred reasons to feel blessed. But it needs a different perspective than usual to notice them. For example, we never feel blessed to have a perfect body; two hands, two eyes, etc. But it's also a blessing, right?


Now the question is, how can we build that perspective to feel blessed?

It starts with a gratitude practice.

Keep a gratitude journal, write down the things you feel blessed for. If not in pen and paper, use your memory. But pen and paper or a digital notebook are the best. Because you can't memorize thousands of reasons. Wondering why there would be thousand and not a few.

Let me explain.

  • Write down what you are blessed for in general like for having your parents, having your lifestyle.

  • Write down the things that make your day beautiful, like your morning cup of coffee or your pet.

  • Think about something that boosts your life like your friends or your hobby.

  • Write down something that makes you feel better like your partner.

  • Think about something that helps you get better in life like self-development.

  • Write down something that gave you access to something that many doesn't have like your own car.

  • Think about something that makes a specific day better like getting help from any stranger.

The list is long so our blessings should be.

If we start counting on like this, we will also have a thousand reasons to live for, to feel blessed about.


If you are not the one who automatically notices these small things, or even if you are; we need some intentional effort to notice the blessings, the things we should feel great for.

There's a term called, Win with Gratitude and I believe we should keep focusing on that. Because gratitude comes with so many blessings, it makes our life better. We automatically become more compassionate, helpful, and down-to-earth. And this is what is necessary to live a peaceful, happy life.

And, all this can start with our gratitude journal; when we start counting our blessings.

What do you think?



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