It's a family effort!

We shared some of our "culling day" adventures in a YouTube video recently, but we wanted to share some photos and type out the story for those who are not video people. Since we hatch out our own eggs, we get a mixture of male (roosters) and female (hens) chickens. To keep the eggs fertile and therefore hatchable we only need a ratio of about 10:1 when it comes to hens vs. roosters. That means that the extra roosters are all able to be turned into dinner.

It had been a while since we had culled our flocks, so when we had some free time the other day, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Besides a good number of large roosters, we also decided to cull a hen. This hen had turned into an "egg-eater." This means that she now would peck eggs open and eat them, which is highly undesirable. The Little-Peppers knew which one it was, so we added her to the processing table. Moreover, we decided to get rid of one Muscovy Duck drake.

After a bit of work, we put together an amazing dinner, and even had many more meals available because of our harvest. Here's a handful of photos of before, during and after. Enjoy!


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