ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #2: What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?



Very good night ecoTrain friends!

The second, and in some places the third wave of contagion is hitting many countries of the world of this virus that seems not to want to give truce putting in danger great part of the population.


Faced with this situation, many governments are closing many of their activities, causing great consequences in businesses and even in industries, which translates into a lack of many products, even those of primary need.

In this opportunity this is not a surprise, because the same thing has happened last year and this should serve as a lesson for us. As far as possible we should have our homes supplied with non-perishable products and try to make a small garden at home to try to supply us with fresh and nutritious products that help strengthen our defenses.


Here in Argentina we had one of the longest quarantines in the world, which left a legacy in the population and above all in an economy that had already been hit by several years of corrupt governments and that left us all on our knees.

On the other hand, the extensive and unnecessary quarantine that we have experienced has caused a large part of the population to be in a state of rebellion, and people are not even concerned about maintaining minimum standards. This is translated into the very high number of infected people, reaching almost 1,900,000 inhabitants while those who died from covid-19 reached 46,055 people today, truly chilling figures.


With my wife we have made a small vegetable garden from which we get fresh products every day for our salads and also pumpkins and round zucchini to incorporate vegetables into our weekly diet.
We also have onions, aromatic plants and spices that we use for our meals.

In my country I do not think that the indefinite block is an option because of the high levels of poverty and the general economic situation that is on the verge of collapse. We are really a bankrupt country where what abounds are the poor and people who are marginalized from the system day by day.


At present most activities are permitted with social distancing because of the poor economic and financial situation of a country that needs resources to be able to function, and they get them from the proceeds of economic activity, so total blockade does not seem to be an option for our rulers.

We will see what happens when autumn arrives in the Southern Hemisphere, the time of year when the cold begins to intensify, which facilitates the circulation of the virus.



In the meantime we continue to live as we can, having the basic care and learning from this new reality that we never imagined we would see.

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